1. Hey guys,

    I ordered a paris of choos (axis) from NAP on friday 4,20 am (i was up all night debating wheather or not to get them, so i ordered them. The order comes through, everything is fine, they ship it off etc. So today sunday 8,54 am i ordered a pair of louboutins (drapo russo) and a clutch from MJ, the order went through and everything was fine UNTIL i got this :censor: e-mail:

    Dear XXXX,Thank you for shopping at NET-A-PORTER.COM. We hope you have enjoyed yourshopping experience so far. Your order is being prepared for dispatch.In the meantime we are performing a routine check to verify your card andaddress details. While this may result in a slight delay in the delivery of yourorder, we are sure that you appreciate that this procedure is set up to protectyou - the consumer - from credit card fraud. We are simply verifying that youare the credit card holder.As soon as we receive a response from your credit card supplier, you willreceive an email from us either confirming that your order is on its way orrequesting further information to identify yourself. Thereafter, your nextpurchases with NET-A-PORTER.COM will be expedited promptly.Should you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact ourCustomer Care representatives on: customercare@net-a-porter.comKind regards,Customer CareNET-A-PORTER.COM

    I DON'T GET IT! What have I done wrong? My father paid for it with his card andregistered my e-mail address but I mean come on people, he doesn't even know how to make a computer function, he doesn't have an e-mail, so he used mine, is thatwhat all the fuss is about? Or WHAT? I am so pissed I could walk down there and shove the shoes in their.. you get it. I'm so sad right now. :crybaby:
  2. I have gotten this email every time I switch between cards and it's never been a big deal. I just send them a short email confirming that this is my card and that's it, the order goes through.
  3. Can you help me? :shame: SHould I write, hello my name is XX and this is my card or what? :shame: Well, you know the weird thing is that i didn't switch i used the same card twice :confused1:
  4. That is a little weird, I agree :oh: I pretty much just said what you said in your last post or:

    Hi there, it goes as follows:

    My name
    Full address

    Best regards,
    My name again :p
  5. Thanks icechick! :smile: I just emailed them, waiting for an answer.. Just thought about something, do I still have to wait for the cc company to respond to NAP?
  6. Your welcome :smile:

    I just remembered that when I first ordered from them my shipping address was different from the billing address on the card I used and they sent me an email stating that they would have to ship to the billing address, could that explain it?
  7. yep, and it could be just the bank being helpful (for once!!). If like you say, your dad doesnt usually use the internet, a purchase online should well flag up on his credit card for security.

    It will be fine, and will be sorted. I prefer them to err on the side of caution, as I was a victim of credit card fraud quite recently, I wish my bank had been so conscious!!!

    hope your order gets to you really fast ;)
  8. Nope, I used the same address :confused1:

    You know what, I actually thought about that too, and a man purchasing womens shoes :graucho: Well who knows what ideas NAP gets. Thanks icechick and chloebabe! :yes:
  9. I had to send a copy of my CC and ID once, because my billing address didn't match my shipping address.
  10. Hm.. weird, but the thing is that mine matches. :sad: How long did it take for you to recieve your package from the day you ordered?
  11. I bought a Paddy off there last week and my fiance paid for it but we used my name and email for delivery and the lady I spoke to said that they do a security check on new customers and that it could ne delayed, it actually wasn't but I think it's normal that they do this, also my nan bought my Christmas present off the internet and she was in a store and they had to call up about her card and cut it up, she had no idea why and got upset, she is nearly 80, turns out that they thought it was being used fraudently as she doesn't usually purchase things on the internet, I think it's being done for your protection:smile:
  12. I got that e-mail 3 different times that first time I ever ordered from NAP. I know the whole process is tedious and you want your order ASAP but it's better this way for your own protection.
  13. Okay so I just wanna say thank you guys so much for helping me, the shoes actually arrived today! :yahoo:
  14. Sometimes they do this when you provide a wrong number, a cell number when your house number is registered on the card or when you ship it to a different address. You should call them and see what the problem is and how you can fix it.
  15. Oh they arrived, I didnt see that, silly me!! Conrats!!!! ENJOY!!