net-a-porter VIP private sale??

  1. I just heard that net-a-porter is having private VIP sale..

    40~50% except expressed as NEW SEASON..

    I'm sure that they are having sale, but I'm not VIp there, so I can't see the sale price...

    Is there anyway that I can buy thing as a vip??
  2. wow...I would LOVE to know as well, ANYONE plz?
  3. Any VIPs here?
  4. I didn't hear anything about this :shrugs:
  5. I called the 800 customer service phone number and asked about a private sale. The woman I spoke with was very lovely and said she knew nothing about a private VIP sale. She took down my email address and phone number and promised to look into this and get back to me - after I hear back from her, I'll post a note!
  6. I'm sure they are having private sale now, because there is a seller online who purchases clothing and everything for others and get commission from them, but she's getting commission like 25%, or a little more...
  7. Hmm, sounds quite interesting...but I don't really know what's going on...I would be very happy if anyone find out their sale tho.:tup:
  8. I called about a problem I was having with the website, and then asked about a sale. The gentleman I spoke with said if they ever have a sale it's open to the public. He said it's probably just a rumor and that the best time to check for sales is closer to Christmas.

    this is the site that i found out that they are having sale.

    I think that they are just keeping it secret to public.

    The sellers here are already selling them with discounted price + commission, still a little bit cheaper than price shown on the website.

  10. I'd think it was pretty unlikely that no one here is a VIP of NAP... unless by VIP they actually mean resellers?!
  11. i remember last year they had a sale around halloween and called everything fall treats.. that didnt happen this year.. i wonder when there will be a sale..
  12. I spoke with customer service at net-a-porter and they didn't know anything about a private sale but said that an actual sale at net-a-porter will be starting sometime later this week! They'll be emailing registered net-a-porter members so keep checking your emails!
  13. well i guess we'll have to wait for the public sale then. nap always has good sales anyways.