Net-a-Porter UK SALE just started....!!!

  1. Take a look girls - there are some lovely BV's with 30-40% off!! :yahoo:

    Just got the Ebano woven flap bag that I have been after reduced by 40% to £777 :nuts:
  2. Thanks for the heads up Balchlfen. Congrats on the woven flap bag (post pics yeah!).

    Happy shopping and happy holidays!
  3. Congrats Balchlfen! You've been holding out on us recently! Where are the pics of your new Veneta's, Can't wait to see the new flap bag!
  4. Hi Syma!:flowers:

    I'm still here...just trying to keep a level head...I went mad on BV a few months back and so had to rationalise my collection just recently and try and steer clear of this tempting forum for the sake of my wallet and bank account! :push:

    But I'm back now and I'll be sure to share photo's of my collection very soon :flowers:
  5. Can't wait to see your pics! Please post soon!:yes:
  6. Yes let us see your bounty :flowers:
  7. I just picked up the NAP Flap bag from my DHL depot as I wasn't in when they tried to deliver.

    I hadn't seen this bag IRL and unfortunately the style is not for me :crybaby:
    It is lovely but it just doesn't sit right on me and the opening is a bit it's going back :push:

    Now I don't have a Ebano BV as I sold my Large Veneta in Ebano to fund this bag! So I am on the look out for a replacment - I'm thinking the Cocker or the Pyramid (if it comes in Ebano) :confused1:

    Did anyone else score anything in the sale?
  8. So sorry to hear about the flap! But your right to let it go if it is not for you. The cocker is a lovely bag, I'm thinking about a black one myself one day, The pyramid does come in Moro which is a shade darker than ebano. Please do let us know what you decide, but personally I think the large ebano veneta is the best choice!