Net A Porter U.S. Sale Starts May 29

  1. nordie and Saks always start midnight, i cannot remember what time nap started the sale after the xmas, anyway, i can wait for another 20 minutes to find out.
  2. u have got to be kidding me. i hope i like nothing lol
  3. hope i can catch when it starts
  4. Sale prices are showing for me when I click on items.

    Edit: now theyre showing on the pages under each item. Cant see a sale link yet though.
  5. yeah, so far only one thing in my cart has gone on sale....a pair of choos
  6. doesn't seem like it's up..maybe I should go to bed.. does anyone know usually how good the deals are on NAP? since other department stores are offering 30% or 40%....I am new to NAP sales....
  7. yep prices are changing for me too
  8. Prices are showing for me too! Scavenger hunt time...
  9. i got what i wanted... no more sales for me this week!
  10. can anyone give me a link? coz it's not showing anything for me here. thanks!
  11. is it sad that only 1 out of the 16 i had in my cart are on sale :sad:.. does anyone know if this is it or do they add more things to the sale later on
  12. Is there a sale section?? Why don;t I see??? help!!!!
  13. The sale link is not up, you need to browse for designers and look at the page of items to see the sale prices underneath. Or click on things, it will show the sale price.
  14. So much is sold out already......... sigh.
  15. i don't see the price change yet