Net-A-Porter SALE

  1. I just joined TPF yesterday and I had to tell everyone there's a HUGE sale @ !!!! I just bought my first black paddy.......!!! I'M SO EXCITED! Okay have fun! :tup:
  2. welcome on TPF and congrats on your new paddy....
  3. Maybe the sale is in US because I cant see no paddys on sale at NAP! Anyway, welcome to the purse forum!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Yeah I can't see any paddys on sale either. Must be US.
  6. boo! maybe it is just the US. =( sorry!!
  7. Welcome to tpf, bondgirl027! Congrats on your lovely new purchase ~~ you've got yourself a classic! And black goes with everything. You'll not regret it (to answer your post on the new lounge subforum).:yes:
  8. Ah, I want the black paddy so badly! And 40% off is a great deal.
  9. Congrats!! It's sooo unfair! When will the UK have a sale?? I guess everything is waiting until after Christmas?
  10. welcome to the Chloe forum!
  11. Welcome to the forum, be sure to post the paddy so we can all ooggle it, congrats on your purchase.
  12. Welcome and congrats on the new bag!!!!!!
  13. Oooooo a black Paddy. Those are hard to find on sale, HUGE congrats!
  14. You got a winner on your first try out! Good show and welcome!
  15. The e-mail I got said the other NAP sale will be another date. This one is US only.