Net-A-Porter Sale!

  1. There are new sale items on Net-A-Porter

    Click on Sale and Shop by Designer, then choose your designer name. Happy Shopping.:p

    MJ - 40% off Lots of Chloe paddingtons 40%off
  2. :crybaby: One of the bags I want is on sale, but not in the color I would like! Waaah.

    Marni Balloon bag, $720

  3. thank you! i've been waiting for this sale forever. but is it just me or the sale link is broken? i kept refreshing the page but nothing showed up.
  4. The link is working fine for me
  5. yay!! thanks for posting!!
  6. only for the US i'm afraid...not Europe!!!boohoo!!

  7. Try this link: Net-A-Porter
  8. ^ it's working fine now. thank you very much :smile:
  9. it kept bouncing me to the UK site for a while, but that all seems to be fixed now. I'm dying for the sale chloe paddingtons!
  10. i kinda purchased some Louboutins this morning...oops!
  11. the bruges and yoyos are 40% off!! so sad they dont have my size.....
  12. :p LOL!
  13. Can someone please comment on the authenticity of the things NAP sells?
    I've had bad experiences with Bluefly before, so am wary of online retailers. Thanks!
  14. NAP sells authentic items only.
  15. Aahhh, is it just me or is the site slow? Everyone must be shopping! :graucho: