Net-a-porter Sale?

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  1. Hi guys, does anyone know what the sale will start at netaporter?
  2. I actually called and spoke with someone about this a few days ago. They are not aware of when the sales will be. I remember last year in early nov they had a mini sale where select clothes/acessories were marked down for a short period of time. Apparently this is not happening this year. Also, they were not aware of any free shipping codes. I am really dissapointed!
  3. The mid-season sale has been on for few weeks now. Some additional items have been marked down
  4. Oh i knew about that, i was waiting for the Nov sale, but thanks anyway!
  5. I looked at my order history on NAP the other day to see when I ordered things on the first day of the sale last year. It was a few days after Thanksgiving. Maybe that will be the case this year too?
  6. Never thought about checking the order history. I got stuff last year on the 30th of October.
  7. what kinda sale did they have last year? i'm contemplating if i should wait or not.
  8. ^^Well, I know they had some bags at 40% off. I got a Marc Jacobs zip clutch for $237 (regular price $395). I'm hoping they'll have this type of discount again!
  9. anyone know of any net-a-porter codes?