Net-a-Porter SALE!


    4 Pages of Sale handbags have been added!
    Chloes, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, BV, Fendi, Miu Miu, Zac Posen!

    It's under the usual Sale section.

    Please post here if you get anything from the sale!! :yahoo:
  2. There were a few nice things but it still seems a bit expensive for me.
  3. any free shipping codes, please?
  4. They really need to discount more... The prices on the Chloe Edith is out of control :rolleyes:

    The MJ are nice though :graucho:
  5. i love their site, but they just don't discount deep enough and stuff sits on their website forever.
  6. There are a few good buys:
    Bottega Veneta
    Intrecciato leather clutch
    Pink woven leather clutch.
    Price $560.00 WAS
    [​IMG] $392.00 NOW

    and if you're into the winter Bayswater this one:
    Mulberry Sheepskin Bayswater bag

    Price $1,595.00 WAS
    [​IMG] $638.00 NOW

  7. ^^ That Bayswater has been there FOREVER... I agree, the prices are still quite expensive.
  8. Isn't it frustrating when there is nothing there that you really must have.

    Obviously, what is on sale now is not very appealing to anybody.

    I have been trying to keep my hands off a bag from NM. I was hoping my #1 choice may reduce on NAP.:crybaby:
  9. I want the BV bag to go on a 50% off sale....
    30% is still expensive... :crybaby:
  10. I love the BV but way too expensive.

    I just bought Zac Posen's Alexia bag in grey. Just did a search for Zac Posen bags on the forum, I hope the quality isn't too shoddy :S
  11. Still so freakin' expensive! :wtf:
  12. Im thinking about getting one of the Miu Miu wallets on sale, if anyone knows of any free shipping code, it'd be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!
  13. Damnit, international version of the site doesn't show these reduced prices... I guess sales will start for Europe later on. :sad: