Net a porter sale starts SOON!!

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  1. Hi everyone...I was browsing net a porter website, and putting some stuffs in my cart...and you know what I found? sale actually starts!! but just now, I checked back to their site...those items I saw with reduced price are all longer on their website. So I guess they are working on their sale now. See if this sale will start tomorrow or so. :yes:
  2. oh thanks...i have been waiting for their sale desperately
  3. ooh... thanks for the tip.
  4. woohoo! trust our tpfers to be the first to know! ;)
  5. Does anyone know if there are any free shipping codes right now? The thing I want is even further on sale, but $12 for shipping is crazy!! :wtf:
  6. i bookmarked some miu miu shoes that are showing the sale price, though they don't show up when you look for miu miu shoes :tup:
  7. if you generated a wishlist in your NAP account, you can right away see all the items that are on sale! :smile:
  8. I think the sale is actually up in full force now!
  9. hmm...did they pull the sale items off the site? I see only 6 miu miu shoes!
    (and i just bought miu miu pumps today at the Saks presale! sad...)
  10. Those sale items were all there just now, think they might try to remove them to SALE section in order to put in public for their coming up sale. If you save the links of items you will be able to see reduced price. Btw, I think I would rather pay $12.5 for shipping but not awful tax!!:yes:
  11. thankfully we have 5% tax and the pumps were 275 or something like maybe a dollar or so minus the waiting time! :tup:
  12. I am confused, so are you all saying the sale is on now, or that they are not showing a lot of items because they are in the middle of/about to go on full sale. They have had a lot of stuff in their sale section for a while now, but very old and not much.

    Will there be a full sale on?
  13. i think they're getting ready for a sale right now-thus the sale prices in wishlists/bookmarks and so little stuff on their site.
  14. Their sale starts now. ENJOY!!:yahoo: I just grab 2 louboutin pumps and 1 jimmy choo!!