Net-a-Porter Sale just started TODAY!! Paddingtons at 40% off!!!

  1. Hi! Just wanted to let you all know the NAP sale just started :yahoo:

    I was interested in another Paddy to add to my collection but the only ones in the sale at the moment is a couple of metallics and the Bright Red....40% off though so a good steal if anyone is looking for those colours :yes: :nuts:

    Good luck girls! :flowers:

    Web address : Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  2. Is it in Int'l sites or US site? I'm so confused ordering from their website
  3. This is their Int'l site.
  4. In the upper left hand corner, it shows the currency (US dollars vs British pounds) and you can click to change, that's how you can switch between the International and US site.
  5. The international site also has the black on sale... NAP rocks!
  6. If you order from the international site do you have to pay duties and shipping?
  7. ^Yes, I know if you order from the Intl site and ship to US the price goes up a bit AND they add customs. Use freeship127v code for free shipping. I think it calculates to a non-metallic paddy being around $1050 or so. Your credit card might charge you currency conversion fee too.
  8. wow, amazing, the 2 sites have different items on sale!
  9. Yeah its quite sneaky^ They ship from either site, but one thing might be full price on International and on sale on US site. I always trawl through both sites to find best prices!
  10. Oh, they have the Black Paddy on sale.
  11. Awww....and I REALLY wanted a red paddy...too bad they don't have anymore. :sad:
  12. I gotta stop looking at these sale threads..ROFL!
  13. They are bad for your banks health!!! Feel the same myself - trying to not look! Easier said than done Jill!
  14. Heading to the site to see whats avail now.
  15. US site has black paddys now too