Net-a-Porter Sale just started TODAY!! Paddingtons at 40% off!!!


Mar 23, 2006
Hi! Just wanted to let you all know the NAP sale just started :yahoo:

I was interested in another Paddy to add to my collection but the only ones in the sale at the moment is a couple of metallics and the Bright Red....40% off though so a good steal if anyone is looking for those colours :yes: :nuts:

Good luck girls! :flowers:

Web address : Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM
^Yes, I know if you order from the Intl site and ship to US the price goes up a bit AND they add customs. Use freeship127v code for free shipping. I think it calculates to a non-metallic paddy being around $1050 or so. Your credit card might charge you currency conversion fee too.
Yeah its quite sneaky^ They ship from either site, but one thing might be full price on International and on sale on US site. I always trawl through both sites to find best prices!