Net a Porter sale. HOLY CRAP. Which Stam should I buy?!?

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  1. AHHH 40% off!!

    im having trouble picking between these two!!! :p

    the patent quilted~ or the white patchwork. i *Really* like white. but i love patent leather too. HELP! =)


  2. patent quilted!
  3. another vote for patent quilted!!!
  4. Yeah..def the patent quilted!!!
  5. I LOVE the patent quilted:tup:
  6. hi, i've tried looking on the main site and i can't find either of those bags on sale?? can someone help for how to find the sale stuff???
  7. i say patchwork!
  8. Another vote for the patent quilted!
  9. OMG - My patchwork carolyn is now on sale. I bought it from Bloomies. Why, oh why did I not know about these sales!! I'm so calling Bloomingdales for a price match!? Do they do that? :confused1:
  10. They should be able to do that if you are within their purchase window (somewhere between 10-14 days). Call them ASAP so they can confirm it online (before it sells out). Good luck!
  11. love the patent quilted stam! the color was exclusive to net-a-porter too, so not too many people will have it. that's a plus.
  12. Thanks Melly - I actually just bought it from Net-A-Porter and will return the other one to Bloomies. I have to go to the mall anyway to return the other venetia I bought. Probably more work this way - but I'm at work and can't call Bloomies right now!
  13. definitely go with the patent quilted. Congrats!
  14. Patent Quilted!! Congrats!! I love the look of the quilted bags..not so much the patchwork..