Net-a-porter sale for UK/Europe site!

  1. I just received an e-mail telling me that Net-a-Porter finally marked down its stock on the UK/ European version of the site.

    There are an OP Roma, a quarzo sardegna shopper, a limo braided canvas hobo, a black marquise shopper, a suede knot, all between minus 30 and 40 %, some shoes even on -50%

    Go check it out!
  2. i live in europe but i mostly order from the net-à-porter US site because my salary's in dollars and because of the current exchange rate of the euro and the british pound, the stuff on the UK site is much more expensive than the US site, even with the difference in shipping.
  3. alot of bv stuff is not on sale in europe site whereas in US it was almost everything
  4. If only I had known that I could also have ordered from the U.S. site:sad:
  5. yay.. will do!! thanks!!
  6. i have said it before but Sterling NAP prices are sky-high. the euro is much better value - I compared the same BV sandal and it is not worth buying in UK IMO.
  7. I just ordered the BV woven canvas shoulder bag from NAP. I think it will be great for kicking around this summer. I have been admiring it for awhile, but thought the original 920.00 was too much for a simple canvas bag. Now it is half-price and I'll only feel half as guilty.
  8. Oh, congrats, Florasun, I really wonder how the woven canvas feels liks, you definitely have to post pics!!!
  9. oh, thanks for the info!
  10. have to check it out...thanks.
  11. I know the net-a-porter UK but not the american one. Can someone give me their site?
  12. You can change the locality of site at the upper left of the NAP web page.
  13. And welcome to the BV board, Eiffel. We are a huge bunch of enablers here, so be warned. :graucho: