Net-a-porter sale! 40%!

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  1. I just happened to go to net-a-porter today and noticed their sale must have started today. It wasn't going on yesterday and there are tons of good stuff left! Free shipping too with code Holiday, I think. Happy shopping!
  2. wow! thank you soo much! I just wish I had more money to spend! All I can do is drool over all those Chloe's that I want :sad:
  3. Wow - thank you for the head's up! My credit cards are not happy....
  4. WOW!! Thanks for the info :smile:
  5. Hey There,
    Thanks so much for that link - it seems to be just the US site? am i correct? does anybody know when the UK one goes on sale? or can i order through US too - I am in Australia,
    thanks so much for your help and time,
  6. ^ The International site seems to go on sale after Christmas. Which hardly seems fair, does it? :shrugs:

    You can order from abroad on the US site, though. :yes:

    Although, I had to call to order, a couple of weeks ago, because something seemed to be wrong with the payment page. :shrugs:
  7. Thanks for posting, nerdphanie! So much temptation... I'm considering the Novak in black (I shouldn't be spending...), but in the meantime I bought a Burberry cap and Sass and Bide jeans.
  8. Hi,
    thanks 'chloehandbags' - i'll try the US site as you suggested! as longs as its still free shipping, although yes i was having trouble with the shopping cart. it kept taking things out once i had ordered more than two things, and then i had to start all over again!
    will try again now,
  9. I posted my buys and some picks in my blog. Sorry for the shameless plugging - I try to avoid it, but I spent a long time culling through the sale and thought I'd share.
  10. sorry for the silly question but what is the us site? i just go to net a and i dont see any new sale just the old ones
  11. i got it yeh!!! thanks
  12. how do i go to their US site?

  13. you just need to change the currency, the link's on the top left. when the pop up window comes up, click where it says 'change here'... hope that helps.
  14. ^oh thanks! got it! :flowers:

  15. No problem! :biggrin:

    Will they do free shipping overseas? :shrugs:

    ETA: BTW, don't forget they'll add taxes on; so you may not be saving as much as you think!