net-a-porter midseason sale

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  1. i called about the summer/spring sale that we heard was in june, but apparentely there is no such thing as a sale, they get approval from certain designers at certain times to reduce
  2. When will NAP realize that no one is interested in the stock that has been on that sale site for who knows how long? Time to get some new sale stuff, please!!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Yes and that's called a sale :roflmfao:

    Why do they have to be all cloak and dagger about it??
  5. thanks for the heads up :smile: I just had a quick look, but none of the bags caught my eye :sad:
  6. any one know if the sale will be in june or july?
  7. I'd say towards the end of this month
  8. i think its the end of june too