Net-A-Porter Final Sale Shop it Now

  1. [​IMG]I don’t know about you, but JUST when I think I’m completely shopped out and I can’t possibly find anything else to add to my collection, another amazing round of sales pops up.

    Net-A-Porter’s final sale doesn’t disappoint – there are great deals to be had across all categories (act fast, I saw a PS1 carryall in the bags section). Even though the size selection is somewhat limited in the clothing, I managed to scare up a handful of fantastic items.

    ‘Tis the season to use those gift cards, and all the better if you are able to squeeze extra bang for your buck with NAP’s fantastic sales. Tell us what you scored in the comments!


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  2. I didn't see much reduction in the items I was monitoring (miu miu shoes) :sad:

    but some of the clothing items look to be cheaper
  3. image-2089282727.jpg

    Got these for $255 marked down from $850!!
    😃 And a Haider Ackermann chunky knit scarf for $147.
  4. the sandal is so pretty, did u get it from the usa website?? i dont see it anymore :sad:
  5. Thank you... Yes got them from the US website.
    I think they're sold out as only few sizes were left when I placed my order.Sorry.
  6. the sandal is great...enjoy
  7. Thanks 😄
  8. Not exactly about the sale but not sure where to post this....... since NAP upgraded their website I am unable to click on the different pics of the products and have them move to the big pic. Does anyone else have this problem?
  9. I do.
  10. ^ ah, I hope they fix this soon as it has been going on for a while. Thanks! x
  11. Final sale for international is here!
  12. Thanks for posting... very tempted
  13. you're welcome

    not a lot left though...
  14. I just ordered from the UK site and I live in the US. My order went through without a problem. The credit card I use doesn't charge for currency conversion and I had to pay for international shipping, but otherwise - should I expect smooth sailing or any glitches?