Net-A-Porter Fall Treat Sale

  1. Enter falltreat during checkout and get 50% off marked prices. Discount is only available against items that are marked "fall treat". There's a delish aubergine paddy on there - €623 after discount. Go get 'em! :yahoo:
  2. Is there a way to browse only the discountable items?
  3. is it just me or is nap's site down right now? :confused1:.....i got all excited about the 50% off too :Push:
  4. I can't access it either..............darn!!
  5. Its working for me - but very slowly
  6. Same!!! Must be really busy with all the PFers trying to get on!!!
  7. I can't get to it too. Darn!!
  8. It's working now!
  9. It's working, but I didn't see the Paddy on sale.
  10. SNAP Hazelsarah!
  11. Whew, thankfully there's nothing I want! Purse ban still in effect, 3 days counting!
  12. My thoughts exactly! PHEW!!!
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