Net-a-porter Extravagazana

  1. The sale has been updated! All sort of new bags are on offer clothes and shoes and jewelry. Just got a black celine clandestine! =)
  2. If you love us, hit our NAP link before you shop :yes:
  3. There was a black paddy and I got all excited it was abou 30% off. But it prob sold out as soon as they put it up!
    Other chloe bags include large gold Silverado and medium Silver Silverado.

    Hmm soo tempting but I don't think metallic bags are my thing~
  4. I got the quickest delivery ever from NAP :smile: I put in an order for the silver Chloe Silverado on Friday morning and my bag got delivered to me Monday morning, and this was from the UK all the way to Australia. I :heart: NAP
  5. Are there any free shipping codes available?
  6. I think this one may have expired: freeship2
  7. it worked for me last Friday when i placed my order. But it's not working anymore :cry: i really wanted to order some more stuff... Net-A-Porter prices are so good at the moment
  8. I also received my Silver chloe Silverado. Its really nice, not too blingy at all, a quite dark, muted silver. I really love it :smile:
  9. I ordered 3 bags from them yesterday to be delivered to my work and they emailed today to say that they wont sent to my work because it has a PO Box number (even though it is a huge building open 24 hours!) I'm worried now that when I go back to re-order them they will be gone - fingers crossed!
    I'm gutted about your Silver Silverado - I wanted that - was worried about the bling factor so decided against it - now you say its good and not blingy I'm kicking myself! Post some pictures so I can see what it looks like in real time! if you get a chance.
  10. secret shopaholic,
    Check Nordstrom or NM for a silver silverado.
  11. Gloss Gal
    Do they ship to the UK?
  12. Looks like NM could ship internatiomally if you call 1.888.888.4757. Nordstrom will let you order from an international address and ship to a US address.

    I remember some threads on some really great deals.
  13. Thanks gloss gal - I will give them a call and see what they can do. I don't have an international address for them to ship to so hopefully they can send to me in the UK. Thanks for the telephone number as I really want one now!