Net-A-Porter Extra 20% off this weekend

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  1. I just noticed net-a-porter has an extra 20% off sale prices this weekend. The code is on the web site. I was thinking about a miu miu bag and it was gone in minutes. Good luck!
  2. wow no kidding it's already been picked over!!
  3. The bag I was interested in was already 50% off and then another 20% brought it down to the low 500 range. After the Saks sale and two new bags, I hesitated a couple minutes and it was gone. :o(
  4. I did that with a marc jacobs bag on Bloomie's this morning.. :sad: bah!
  5. Me too. I was too late and my items were gone from the cart. Oh well.
    So huge thanks for this NAP!!!
    Snatched the Bottega and CL shoes that I have been eye-ing. Just can't resist... I'll deal with guilt and hubby later this weekend :P
  6. As a result of "stimulating" the economy with my credit cards, all the card companies besides my primary one have been sending me 0% balance transfer offers. They get a fee of course, and if you're ever late you get to pay APR again (and it's high), but it might be worth looking into :smile:
  7. OMG, I LOVE the Alexander McQueen python bag. But $2582 after the 20% was still out my budget!! :cry: