Net-A-Porter experience?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been trying to search for some threads about Net-a-Porter, but for some reason, can't find any. I tried different ways of doing it, and I know that threads have been started about this site in the past.

    In any case, if you guys wouldn't mind, I was wondering if people can comment on their experiences ordering through NAP? I just placed my first order, and called customer service to ask a question, but got a really "loopy" associate. I am curious as to how fast they are in processing/delivering their products, and whether people have had difficulty returning items through them.

  2. I think I've only made one purchase from net-a-porter (a dress, last year) and had a great experience.

    The size chart made no sense to me, so I called-or chatted-with a rep and they recommended a size for me. It arrived within a day or two and fit perfectly! I was over all extremely happy with the transaction.
  3. Calling the 800 # is only good for ordering. They don't know anything else, so e-mail is the most effective way of contacting Net-a-Porter.

    I have had excellent experiences with them. They send merchandise out right away, (if you are a new customer, it might take a few days for the item to go out, as they have to check your credit card).

    Returns are the best. You get an RMA # from them, call DHL to pick up box, and they pay for the return postage. They give you a credit to your account almost instantly. Very seamless transaction.....
  4. I am a bit disappointed about the new customer rule. I read through the policies on the website before placing an order, and it's not something that is clarified. I didn't realize that they have extra checks for new customers - had I known, I would not have used next day shipping since I was hoping to have it by tomorrow.
  5. I've ordered from Net-a-Porter twice. The first time I choose the $25 expedited shipping and the item arrived fast and in pristine condition with the signature Net-a-Porter black gift box.

    The second time, I used the ~$12 ground shipping and I was absolutely appalled. The shipping time was estimated to be 5 - 7 business days. Even though my package arrived early at the local DHL facility, it was being held because it had not reached its scheduled delivery date yet. Well, I waited and the delivery date came and went, but my package was still not delivered. Calling DHL was not much of help since they couldn't explained why the package was being held at the facility. Not wanting to wait any longer, I scheduled to pickup the package at the DHL facility. Despite someone from DHL calling back to confirm the pickup, I still had to wait almost an hour when I got to the DHL facility the next day for them to locate the package. When the package was finally retrieved, the box looked like it had been opened and haphazardly taped back together. It was also significantly lighter than the marked 8-pound weight. Thus, I decided to open the package on-site to ensure that everything that I ordered was in there and the items were not damaged in shipping. The Net-a-Porter gift box was missing. In addition to pieces of wrinkled tissue paper, I also found sunflower seeds and used ziplock bags in the box. I was disgusted. I felt like I was digging through a pile of garbage for my handbags. Worst of all, both of the handbags were just carelessly stuffed into their dustbags without any tissue paper; and therefore, the leather was wrinkled from the folds and dented by the hardware. We are talking about over $3,000 of handbags here! Target ships their items in better conditions than this. I filled a formal complaint with both DHL and Net-a-Porter. A DHL supervisor called me a week later saying that she could not offer any explanations for the delayed shipment and the condition the package arrived in. Net-a-Porter acknowledged my complaint and apologized but did not provide any follow-up nor explanation.
  6. I've orded from there and it was fine, i sent something back aswell and that also all went fine :smile:
  7. I have ordered from them and it was great.

    I love the black box they ship items in!
  8. i... well my mom orded me a fendi spy hobo from their last year and it was fine.
  9. cchen81 - I'm sorry to read about your experience. Out of all the carriers, I do think that DHL is the most unreliable (per experiences at my company when we've purchased items that were sent by DHL). You would think that NAP would consider using something a bit better than DHL. I'm especially sorry to read that it seems like they did not offer anything beyond a "we're sorry" - could have at least offered to refund your shipping cost or a discount.

    I'm glad to read that overall, the experiences have been positive. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. SuLi, I love shopping on Net-a-porter. The shipping and packaging has been a wonderful experience for me. I get my items quickly and many items are wrapped in ribbon or in a nice black box. It feels like you are opening presents. Last order they included a really nice thick black style book with all the seasons fashions. Returns have been quick and easy too. They post credits quickly.
  11. I've only had one experience with then, and it went perfectly. I ordered a metallic Chloe paddy from them, but after reading thread about how the metallic color rubbed off decided to return. But my handbag arrived quicly and well wrapped in a lovely back box. They issued an RMA, I shipped it back and they issued the credit almost immediately. I would have no hesitation ordering from them again.
  12. I've ordered from them and they are great. I had to return an item and that also went very smooth.
  13. Excellent!
  14. My experience with NAP has been great, speedy service, and returns were easy.