net-a-porter error..ever happen to you?

  1. really, my life is always not this complicated! just seems like the past day.

    Yesterday, when someone said the tobacco paddy was on sale, i bought it. then i realized the dove was there too..and I SO heart the dove. so i called the 800 number and asked if they could exchange it. they thought it wouldn't be a problem and said they'd call back. I also emailed the customer service line that sent me the order confirm with the same request.

    I was about to go out, so i called the 800 number again. they said they hadn't heard back but they have my info. they said to store it in my shopping bag, just in case. okay great, wen tout...had a great night

    this morning, I checked my email and still nothing. so i called the 800 number and they transferred me to the US number. I spoke to Theresa, who said:
    1. they close at 5, so they were already gone yesterday
    2. you have to cancel and re-order
    3. you can't save it to shopping bag if it's intl and you're us
    4. they are already sold out of Dove
    5. they can put me on a waiting list
    6. if it comes back before nov 6, they will offer at the 770 price otherwise i will have to pay full price

    I told her that I should not have to pay full price because Net a porter gave me poor information. they told me that this should not be an issue. If it was an issue, i would have just ordered the dove in addition last night. She said she will have to "look into this". She was hesitant to give me her name and she refused to give me the US number. She also said the manager wasn't there. She told me she should have an answer for me by Monday.


    1. if anyone doesn't like their dove...can you let me know? :biggrin:
    2. I ordered the tobacco anyway, just to see if i like it
    3. has anyone had an issue like this with" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter?
    4. does anyone know their US number direct or the name of a manager?

    I just feel upset that it was "there" last night..i was told i'd be fine, and now it's gone.
  2. I have no advice for you--sorry--but I relate to your complete frustration in dealing with customer "service". And the fact that the bag was there and now it's gone-ugh! I would be so upset.

    Wishing you luck.
  3. ohh..
    if it's any consolation, the tobacco's nicer IMO than the dove + silver hardware combo.
    maybe, if you still don't like it later, you can find someone who will swap w you?
  4. ahhh how frustrating for you :sad:

    I am sure they will get atleast one return on the grey, they usually do, so if you are still desperate, get on the waitlist now for a return, but I agree, its pretty poor to say that the price may go back up, when it is clearly there mistake! I mean, how hard can it be for them to change the order from a tabacco to a dove, and, as they know that these would sell fast, somebody should have done it manually for you, immediately.

    hope it works out well for you in the end. :smile:
  5. i had the mousse/dove few months before and i sold it. It did not quite fit on my wardrobe. i think the tobacco is nicer like Holly said. But anyway, goodluck! Hopefully they can give you one.
  6. Dear Amy,

    Thank you for your email.
    We can advise that we have consulted
    with our management that has confirm
    that the Dove Paddington bag is out of
    stock and this item will not be re-stocked.

    We can advise that as you have been
    placed on our waiting listing. However,
    if a bag comes available, we will not be
    able to offer you the bag at the Fall Treat
    price after November 6th, 2006.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience
    this situation may have caused you and hope
    you understand our position in this matter.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Care USA
  7. Sounds like several unsatisfied customers with Net-A-Porter.

  8. I don't think this is right.

    It is their fault that you missed the Dove, due to their misinformation about their own company policy.

    IMO, they should offer you 50% off the Dove, even if one is returned after the 6th Nov.

    I know exactly how you feel about missing out on a bag you really want. :sad: I just missed out on the Roberto Cavalli Art Nouveau print clutch on NAP; I had it in my shopping bag, but then my BF started an argument with me and I got distracted and by the next day it had sold out. :crybaby:

    I hope NAP see sense and offer you what you deserve - 50% off a Dove Paddy. :yes: