Net a porter duties?

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  1. Should the duties you pay with net-a-porter be taken off?
  2. It depends on the company/retailer some will remove it as a courtesy, but most companies won't until they see some paperwork. I personally think they should be taken off, it's not fair!
  3. NOPE!!!!

    Duties are different than the VAT (taxes). Regardless of whether you buy something online or when you are overseas, you are REQUIRED to pay duty (that is why you have to fill out the Duty forms and claim the items when returning back to the US). Just because you've ordered something from overseas doesn't mean that you are exempt from paying duties. However, you should not have to pay the VAT (which is around 18% in some countries!).

    This is one of the reasons why I tell folks all the time, when you travel overseas and want to buy something, do your research beforehand. If it's something that you absolutely, positively cannot get here in the US, and it's somewhat in your price range (including the duty), then BUY IT!!! However, if it's something that you can get here, then you will need to do the math to see if it's really worth it (cost + duty = TOTAL). However, because the VAT is so high, in some cases (like buying Louis Vuitton in France), it is a better deal to get the item overseas!
  4. I think NAP pays the duties and jacks up the price a little to do so. I bought two paddys from them and never had to pay duty.

    LVR on the other hand does not, so fedex sends you the bill.
  5. well i got my chloe paddington from NAP and they charged me 1300 for the metallic which costs 1380 the mini and the total with 1380 cause 80 they justified as the duties.
  6. i'm totally confused, can you please clarify...
    1. how much is the bag listed on NAP?
    2. how much is the bag itself?
    3. how much is the duty?
    4. how much is the shipping fee?
    5. how much is the total? (should be equal to 2+3+4 i think unless there are more charges)
  7. If you are a US citizen, duties are based on the amount and type of item. For instance, if you purchased antiques (more than 100 years old), then the item isn't assessed a duty at all. However, if you purchased jewelry and the item is $2500, you need to subtract the personal duty alotment (for a single individual - I believe it's $800), then the rest is dutied at one percentage up to $1000, and then a higher percentage after that.

    All of this information is available on the US government website (travel-related). I strongly recommend that you review it if you are thinking about making purchases overseas (may/may not apply to web orders).

    I believe that, by US law (I could confirm this with a friend of mine who specializes in US Customs laws) ... you are responsible for the duties regardless of whether or not the item was purchased at a store or website. In order to send the parcel into the US, the web store still must provide the appropriate documentation, or customs will not release the parcel to you ... PERIOD!!! So, I don't know how they would get around it, but I would be prepared that they might not.

    I think most folks confuse VAT and Duties ... as I indicated before, they ARE NOT the same! VAT is tax (refunded to you), Duties are NOT refunded!!

    A word of caution ... I strongly recommend that you not try to 'sneak' stuff in through customs. They have tightened up considerably after 9/11 and if you get caught not claiming something, you will be on their s@#t list (*and therefore be STOPPED everytime you come back into the states*)!!!
  8. Why don't you send N-A-P an email with your inquiries? I'm sure they've gotten them before and would be happy to assist you. I have found Brown's (in London) to be very helpful with these types of questions! Good luck!!!