Net-A-Porter down?

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  1. Anyone knows what happened to NAP? I can't seem to connect to their site.
  2. During peak times they often are unreachable or very slow. Someone should get them a few new servers...
  3. Definitely, 'cause it's always so slow...They should hire you Vlad.;)
  4. i experienced that today too.
  5. Ugh, every time I go to NAP it's soooooooo slow. I have absolutely no patience when it comes to the internet.
  6. awww, that sucks! I don't shop there too often, but I hate when you're in the shopping mood but the website doesnt agree with you :sad:
  7. They used to only go "down" on Wednesday afternoons when the new stock is posted,but lately browsing there is more often than not a total mission. They lose out on business that way,I'm sure. It just takes way too much time to get any given category to load.
  8. Yes, that sucks. They are slow all the time these days, but wednesdays are just hopeless - and yet they manage to sell out the best pieces very quickly - thats spooky...
  9. Yeah Wednesdays is a total lottery...the person with the best internet connection gets the "it" item LOL.

    I feel sorry for anyone on dial-up:lol: .
  10. The net-a-porter site always takes forever to load--very frustrating!

    Your pup is SO cute, trufflesbang! I smile whenever I see that picture!!!