sale - third cut?

  1. Call me greedy, but I'm wondering if net-a-porter is going to knock their sale prices down again. I have my eye on a few things but I'm waiting for them to make one more cut, and I can't remember from previous sales how far they go.

    Any ideas?
  2. From what I remember, they don't go down much further. I wish!
  3. seriously, there might not be good stuff left. i wanted to get the edith but it was gone in like a day.
  4. Selfridges in London have loads of Ediths, all half price, tel no: 0800 123 400
  5. I know...I check everyday and what I want is still there. I'm holding out! LOL!
  6. I do not think that there will be a third cut - they have sale items from last years january sale that are only half price?
  7. I'll take 50% off! My wish list items are only 30 & 40% off!