Net-a-porter Codes

  1. Any codes for free shipping?

  2. there was this one last week not sure if it still works but you could try it

  3. No luck. :shame:

    Thanks, though!
  4. Try this: FREESHIP117Q
  5. Works! Thanks dallas!
  6. ^ My pleasure. If we can save money on shipping, we can spend more on important stuff.;)

    Btw, it is valid until the 24th January.
  7. Thank you for this! Now back to NAP, i hope my items still in may cart!
  8. thanks for the code, it works but the website doesn't work very well. I'm unable to place an order now, I even called the customer service number and was told there's something wrong with the system. I guess I have to wait until it's fixed.
  9. :cursing:

    I just bought a pair of Louboutin boots and tried in vain to make the shipping code from early January to work! I called and emailed customer service, but they were no help. I ended up paying for shipping, when I didn't have to! Ugh! :cursing:
  10. thanks for sharing dallas. i just purchased a juicy skirt and the shipping was more than the skirt. i'm glad that the free shipping code worked.
  11. That code doesn't seem to work on the international site. :sad:

  12. I did the same thing a few weeks ago, before I realised there was another code so......I emailed them and told them I had forgotten to put the freeship code in and could I give it to them and still get free shipping and they emailed me back and said yes, no problems. Just tell them you entered the code incorrectly! Give it a try, it can't hurt. Good luck.:smile:
  13. yes I did the same thing as dallas and when my code didn't work i called custore care and they told me to buy the items then email them back and they will deduct the shipping for you.
  14. thanks for the code!!!!!! i finally took the plunge and bought the mulberry bag i always wanted with that code, no reason not to anymore =D
  15. Netaporter is the best. I placed 3 seperate orders last week without free shipping. I e-mailed them and they credited me for shipping. That's $75!!!