Net A Porter Codes?

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  1. Does anyone have a Net A Porter Code(s) to share ?:nuts:

    Great sales going on there with good inventory left :heart:
  2. I want to know too :greengrin:
  3. anyone? please :smile:
  4. don't think there is one...normally they don't give out code during sale period!!:yes:
  5. Not a code, but they now have a ground delivery option for $12.50.
  6. Do they charge sale tax for California residents? Thanks.
  7. Thanks boho_mess thats good to know!!!
    BTBF there is no sales tax at all... I love that
  8. Thanks
  9. sometimes i hate living in ny because net-a-porter charges tax on NY residents. so does hayden harnett! it's not fair.