Net-A-Porter Codes?

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if there are any other free shipping codes for NAP out there, now GIRLSHOP has expired ...


  2. Unfortunately, I found nothing. So I went ahead and just paid the shipping. I wish they'd do like Neiman Marcus and always offer a code during these sales. It's a good incentive to buy!

  3. I totally agree. I would have made a purchase this week if there was free shipping. Oh well, at least my wallet is happy!
  4. Actually they do the total opposite of NM. They stop offering codes during their sales. The free shipping code that was out ended on the 5th and what do you know sale started on the 6th!
  5. Thought as much. i am in Australia too so shipping is outrageous. was hoping to get a see by chloe coat, but might have to wait and see ...
    thanks anyway
  6. This sucks!! I want to get a few items but since they are not offering free shipping code, I might wait as well.:confused1:
  7. I have been looking for a code as well. $25 is a little steep if you are just buying 1 item....
  8. i totally agreee with u

  9. I agreee. All I want is a $70 sarong that is on sale for $36 ...but add $25 for the shipping, and then it's $ I'm only saving $9!!!

    And I don't think it's completley true that they only offer FS when it's not sale season, because back during the huge NOV/DEC sale they had last FALL, they had a FS code out. I used it on my Louboutin boots that were on sale for $715, and that is exactly what a paid. No tax and no shipping ;)
  10. Hi, does anyone have a free shipping code for NAP, US or international site... Thanks! ;)
  11. up up co-asking, thanks
  12. I don't have a code but I was made aware that the US site has added a ground shipping option for $12.50.

    It takes forever. I ordered a handbag Friday 6/29 and I still haven't received it. It's supposed to take 3-5 days but it took 3 or 4 days just to get NAP to have the shipment go out. On the DHL website it says it could take up to 6 business days! I should get it by 7/10 according to DHL. That is a long time to wait when you're excited about a new purchase! It is nice to have the option though. $25 is a lot to pay for a small ticket item.
  13. I would love to know too, not only the international postage was so expensive, but the item I had for check out was higher than listed, plus added GST & duty :tdown:
  14. I wanted to buy some shoes -but shipping to canada and the taxes on top make it sooooo expensive!! I wonder if there are any codes for discount around at all...
  15. Me Too! i really love to know one! Cmon net-a-porter!!