Net A Porter - awful customer service

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  1. Just thought I'd share my experience with NAP so far although I bet this is only part 1 of the saga!! More a rant than anything!

    I noticed about a month ago that the side and front of my OS Oak Alexa was experiencing patchy darkening of the leather but due to where it was placed and the fact I don't own any items of denim clothing, I knew it wasn't colour transfer. I went along to the Mulberry store in Manchester and they were really helpful and the SA said she hadn't seen that before and I should get in contact with NAP but if I had any problems with them then I should just get in contact with them again. Oh how insightful that has turned out to be!

    When I got home that day, Monday August 30th, I sent an email to NAP explaining the above and a few hours later I received a reply asking for some pictures. I was quite impressed and thought it would be a quick resolution, if only! I sent back the pictures and hadn't heard anything by the Friday so I emailed asking for an update and got a somewhat generated response of "We are currently assessing the pictures and will
    get back to you shortly". I thought "Oh well at least they're dealing with it but surely it doesn't take that long to check 3 pictures...."

    So I left it and left it as I had been a bit busy until it got to a fortnight after my original email and thought it was getting a bit ridic so emailed them demanding they contacted me immediately. I kind of now forget what happens next as it has been a ridic amount of phone calls. I think I got a voicemail from a woman saying "Unfortunately we are unable to refund or replace the bag as you purchased the bag more than 6 months ago" and then recommending the leather cream. I bought the bag on 8th March which, if they had taken notice of the dates I emailed them, was within 6 months!! I think I then called back and she was like "Ehhhh I'll get you a callback" and when I enquired the turnaround she said it was normally within 4 hours. (All of the above happened on Monday 13th)

    Well needless to say last night, 48 hours after my supposed 4 hour callback, I still had not received this promised callback. Once again I called NAP and spoke to someone new who again did not speak great English and she proceeded to tell me "...our quality assessment team have advised that the bag has been damaged through colour transfer"?!! I actually lost my temper a bit but didn't shout but was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY VERY FIRST EMAIL SAID I DO NOT WEAR DENIM AND IT'S THE SIDE AND FRONT THAT'S AFFECTED, THE BACK IS PERFECT. So she was like ehhhhh, let me check with my manager and popped me on hold. Of course the manager was busy being busy so she couldn't check with her so said she'd call me back in 10 mins which of course I was dubious about. I did receive the callback but it was to inform me she would look into it and call me back [tonight]. I requested that she called me at 4.30pm which she said was fine.

    NATURALLY, 4.30pm came and went without a call so my blood boiled a bit until I got home about 7.30pm and called up. I spoke to an advisor who read through the notes and was like we'll need to physically look at the bag to get a good look at it. Obviously that had to be a palava too. When ordered I lived in central London so I was able to have a Premier Delivery but I'm now in Manchester which apparently is not so straight forward for DHL?! So she called me back within about 20 mins or so to say yes DHL would be fine. Brilliant!! Brilliant except she gave me the reference numbers etc and I'm expected to arrange it all myself?! Last time I checked 0844 was not cheap on mobiles hmmmm. I asked her the turnaround for when I would get my bag back but she couldn't give me a timescale.

    I actually have NO faith at all in this inept company now. I think the way I've been treated is absolutely disgusting and I actually feel like I've hit a brick wall. I've bought two bags from them in less than a year which are worth £2,500 and I won't be spending a penny more with them. You'd get better customer service in a budget high street store. I just wish I hadn't been so desperate for the bag when it first came out and waited and went to Mulberry as my friend works for them. I wasn't even bothered about a replacement or refund when I first enquired but that's what I want now so I just don't need to deal with them further!! It basically leaves me without a bag for x amount of weeks as my other bag is a Chloé which I don't use as a daily bag. Better dig out a vintage one!!

    Oh and hi if you have somehow read all this :shrugs:
  2. Oh my.

    That's quite the experience. I hate to say it but I hope your situation is the exception as opposed to the rule. Makes me a wee bit hesitant to deal with them but as I have few places to turn to for Mulberry, being an international fan, I may one day have to. Though I think I'll start out small -- like for accessories -- before I use them for anything super expensive and near and dear to my heart.

    So sorry you've had to go through so much. :/

    (and hi!)
  3. I had bad experiences with other places for eg the utterly useless my Wardrobe. Some people have no issues with them. But I banned them.

    Shopping online is always a risk. I have a shipment that is lost TWICE. Now dealing with it. Oh well!
  4. Oh my word, I hope you get a swifty resolution :smile:
  5. So sorry to hear of your experience- Id go to Mulberry direct and see if they handle it any better- this is ridiculous- hopefully Mulberry will just give you a replacement?
  6. Hi,
    How dreadful.Hope you get it all sorted.
    Opai x
  7. I think I would do as Elvis suggests. Contact Mulberry and explain the difficulties you are having with NAP. That is definitely not the kind of customer service I would expect from a retailer selling expensive designer goods.
  8. Oh dear, that does not sound very good at all. As the ladies suggested, bringing the bag in to Mulberry seems to be the safest option, its not as if you have not tried the other way.
    Best of luck!
  9. Agree with elvis & Lola! Sorry you had to experience so much trouble with NAP. I hope Mulberry can sort it out for you.
  10. The bag has been given to the DHL man this morning. I charged an express 2 hour pick up to NAP's account, well, just cause! Will I ever see my beauty again? The irony it was put in a box labelled "CRAP" haha.
  11. I HATE bad customer service. It'a real bug-bear of mine. Wouldn't mind if I got a call back or email saying "I'm sorry we're really busy but haven't forgotten about you"

    Hope this gets sorted to your satisfaction.
  12. id keep on at nap and also report them to mulberry.

    Why do they offer only a 6 month guarantee if mulberry offer 12 months? you would think it would be the same. Silly silly nap!
  13. Please bear in mind also, that quantity of problems with customer service directly depends on a quality of the product in question. The worst customer service will have many instances of good transactions if the product is sound. The problem with Alexas (and I do hope that many of you Alexa owners will never experience that) is that Alexa may be a poor quality bag not worth even fraction of £800 it costs. It confuses all those companies that habitially deal with good products and are not prepared for the avalanche of conmplaints. Their managers are lost at how to deal with it... nobody can imagine that Alexas-hyped-up-bags can develop so many faults (we have heard of stitching poor, platts ugly, colour transfer, fasteners opening, shape lost, wrinklng, bubbling)... Your ordeal is also the fault of Alexa itself, not only customer service... :graucho:
  14. that's dreadful! I hope everything get sorted out! :hugs:
  15. Mmmm IDK, Korzinka. The issue has been with the manner in which they have dealt with my query. It could have been straight forward but they seem to have no direction at all. If they have had issues with the Alexa then they should surely have some process in place. I'm sure there have been issues with other items before but they seem to be at a loss at what to do when something goes wrong. I paid a considerable amount for the bag so would not expect any issues and therefore because something has went wrong they really should provide excellent CS to compensate for this. They sell high end products and the support should mirror that.

    I got a call from one of the managers today to say she'd be dealing with it moving forward so we'll see what dramas I have next week! I was surprised too with the 6 month warranty, I'll bring it up the manager next week. Regardless I want a refund or replacement now anyway.