"Nesting dolls" Hide-from-Hubby scheme. Pretty crafty!

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  1. Great collection. And love your storage idea - very clever!
  2. Wow you fit all of those into 4 bags!!!
  3. Love this!

    I have my slgs, small bags and bandeaus in mine too! Love that the neverfull doesn’t loose shape with all the goodies inside!

    Really love that hubby has no idea how much stuff I really have..... he is on a getting rid of anything he doesn’t use daily kick...
  4. I wonder what the hubby is hiding from OP!
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  5. Great collection!! I did the opposite & had my SO come with me to buy shelves for all my bags... and he put them together ️. Running out of room now though & think your great nesting idea will work!
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  6. This is fantastic! My husband looks at this forum so I’m sure he’ll be checking mine now! Lol!! Lovely collection! Mono is my favorite!
  7. And the things we do for Louis Vuitton... Totally get it! :biggrin:
  8. Love it! That's the cutest thing I have ever seen!
  9. My husband thinks all my bags are the same. He doesn't know the difference between one or the other.
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