"Nesting dolls" Hide-from-Hubby scheme. Pretty crafty!

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  1. When you pack your LV inside each other kind of like nesting dolls and the hubby is less wise on your LV addiction. Or in other words, keeping the peace!!!! hee hee :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: nesting dolls four.jpg nesting dolls dos.jpg
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  2. Omg. You are way too cute! :biggrin:
    Love it. :heart:
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  3. That’s impressive. What is the flap bag in the middle of the front row?
  4. Brilliant (and such a wonderful collection) You are a bag collection STAR!
  5. Looks like a mini looping to me.
  6. Ooooo! Is that Montsouris mm? How is the other backpack on the left top? Is it comparable to the Montsouris?
  7. Nicely done! :tup:
    Now you need LV luggage or two, to put your bags in. :graucho:
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  8. I thought so too but the strap looks different?
  9. I'm Impressed!!
  10. Nice collection. I am happy my husband does not notice or care what I own. He sees LV monogram and wouldn’t think it is a different bag style. The funny thing is he is very careful in handing me my purse like it is too delicate to touch.
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  11. Omg I died laughing! Such a great way to put it, and an excellent way for storage as well. You’re a star, and your collection is beautiful!
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  12. Hilarious! It would only take 2 seconds to know there are hundred bags in each but many husbands including mine don’t have that kind of attention span. I like it when my DH asks me “is that new” of my 10 year old bags. Yeah I got it yesterday!
  13. I think it has just been modified some how. I saw one diy on YouTube where someone modified it to make it and the mm version crossbody bags.
  14. Wow, that is some mono collection! And very clever storage system.
  15. Which strap is on your Noe please? :smile: