Nest Diaper Bags!!

  1. Ok so i'm looking for a new diaper bag for the baby on the way..And i really love the Nest diaper bag..I just want to know if anyone has one and what they think of it? I haven't seen one in person just on the web site and i'm in love with it..I like how it has a bottom pair for the diapers, pad , and wipes..How does one of these bags look in person? Or is it not worth it and should i get a petunia picklebottom touring which is the hobo (they really don't have that much room in the hobo). or a Gucci which i think they are crazy with the price for a canvas..So i'm back on the Nest LOL..I feel like the nest is more rockstar momma and Hot looking!! Help
  2. I'm looking at buying a JJCole colletions systems diaper. It actually hooks onto the stroller. They sell them at
  3. i've seen that the nest diaper bag also hooks on to the stroller as well thats why i like it..
    Sometimes you don't want to carry the bag and this will be my second child so i need free hands..
  4. How does the leather look on the Nest bag? Is it nice and soft?
    I am looking at it too.
  5. I really haven't seen one in person just the web site but i think it's a soft creamy leather..Thats what i have heard..
  6. Hopefully someone on this forum has seen one IRL and can give us their opinion.
    I just feel that at that price point the leather could go either way.
    And I hate cheap leather!!!!

  7. Ok so i just surfed the web and found a site about the top 5 diaper bags and it says this..

    (Nest opts for genuine leather and sophisticated colors over stiff vinyl and cartoon characters.)

    So i take it the diaper bag is made good thats why the price is a little high?? Which is Good :tup:
  8. I don't have a Nest myself (though now have started looking at them), but I joined a Yahoo group on diaper bags that was mentioned here. Here's some of the info from the posts there on Nest that talk about the leather -- all pretty positive:

    The Whipstitch bag is made of leather & it is a very soft, buttery
    lamb leather. However, (here's where I'll get super anal w/my personal
    opinions about leather bags, LOL!)).... because the bag is structured
    & boxy, the leather is pulled taut and flat, you don't get to really
    feel the leather that much, unless you are running your flat hand
    over the bag. As opposed to say, a more slouchy style bag, like the
    Not Rational bags, where you can just grab a corner of the bag and
    squish it in your hand and really grab the material and feel how soft
    it is, ykwim? Don't get me wrong, the leather is buttery soft, it's
    just the style that lends itself to having a diff feel. Does that
    make any sense?

    On the Whipstitch bag:
    The organization is GREAT!
    There are 2 outside pockets and I counted 13 interior pockets!
    Inner lining zips out for easy cleaning, the leather is gorgeous, the
    straps are so so comfortable on the shoulder and it stands up but the
    leather isn't so so stiff not to mention there is a whole botton
    compartment that zips open for change of clothing, or diapering items
    and such. It's great!

    Re: Nest Whipsttich question
    By the way, the Nest Grommet bag has great straps too. They fit great over my shoulder and I can kind of swing the bag around to my back or it fits nicely under my arm. They also easily detach/re-attach to hang over a stroller. I don't have any idea how it compares to a MB Caryn. The leather is great, pliable, stuffable yet the bag still stands up on its own.

    Re: Nest Whipsttich question

    It's VERY comfortable. The straps are perfect length and they attach to
    strollers. The leather isn't stiff but isn't floppy either so it sits comfortable
    under your arm.
  9. Thanks everyone..So i ordered it last night can't wait to get it i will let everyone know if it's worth it or not..
  10. Which one did you get? The Whipstitch? I definitely want to hear about it when you get it.
  11. Yeah i got the Black Whipstitch! I just love how it has a bottom part for the diapers and wipes..And i guess you can unzipper it and wash the inside fabric..I really think i'm going to like it..And if it's Heidi Klum favorite than it has to be good..We'll see i'll let everyone know when i get it :yahoo:
  12. i love the Chaiken Mommy Bag!
  13. Ok so i got the Nest diaper bag in the mail today and i'm in love..The leather is so soft and there is so much room..Its huge and so pretty in person so worth buying!!
  14. Is it light? That's my big new kick with diaper bags. I don't want it to weigh more than a couple of pounds...
  15. Well i wouldn't say it's that light it's a little heavy but not to bad!! And whats great is that it sits on your shoulder unlike alot of diaper bag i have had..It Stays!! And it looks so cute on..Very Rockstar momma!!