1. I fell in love with the machine online...
    We had a tassimo... but when the starbucks discs stopped... I fell out of love with it.

    So I returned the tassimo and GOT this Nespresso Citiz with the frother.

    I have only tried "nespresso" cup.. and I was not in love.

    Who loves theirs?? Give me some tips.. My main beef with the one I made is that it was 1 TINY... I mean I know its like a shot of espresso.. but I made these in the tassimo.. and I swear it was more.

    I have not used the frother yet. The only upside so far is that it looks smoking hot on the countertop. :biggrin:

    So if you have one and love it.. please come tell me about it..
  2. I love my nespresso! Definitely follow the instructions to reset to factory specs. Just to make sure it's pulling the right amount of water. I think Americans are used to bigger everything. I always need 2 pods to make my latte. Sometimes 3. 1 shot makes an 8 oz latte I think but I usually make a bigger cup. It does get expensive because the pods went up from $0.57 to over $.6 this month and they have a monopoly. I love it for iced coffee...just add water and milk and sugar syrup that I make.
  3. LOL okay.. so that's normal to use more than one.. (ok this is going to be expensive)...
  4. I own a Latissima Plus and I love it. When I want something milder and more volume, I run a pod as lungo and then run the same pod again as espresso. When you do this, you can see there's still quite a bit of flavor that comes out during the second run. Also remember you can customize the amount of water by pressing on the button until the desired amount. :okay:
  5. I have a Nespresso Le Cube and I looooooooove it! :love:

    My dad has an awesome little "coffee room" in his house, and I was always entranced by the supercool looking Le Cube, (not to mention making espresso in under 1 minute.) Apparently, I went on about it so much, my fiancé bought me one for Christmas two years ago :lol:

    The upside of a Nespresso: The coolest looking machines. They work great and make wonderful espresso. Add in a milk foamer (Keurig brand) I got this Christmas, and I don't even look at a Starbucks now. I can make worlds better espresso drinks using almond milk and my choice of sweetener.

    The downside of Nespresso: Pain in the butt to order/get capsules since there are only two ways to procure them. I go to either the Soho or Madison cafe stores to get mine, as the only other option is mail order.

    Overall: Worth every penny :smile:

    I'm really curious about the CBTL coffee/espresso maker I see at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And speaking of Starbucks, they are also planning to release a combo coffee/espresso pod maker in the future. Sweet words to a coffee fiends ears :biggrin:
  6. We have the D290 model and love love love it. I use the button for a double shot for my morning lattes and they are perfect. The ristretto capsule is my favorite (the strongest one).
  7. I have a Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima and I am loving it. It warms my cups and makes good coffee. My fav capsules are: Arpeggio, Ristretto and Fortissio Lungo.

  8. I do exactly the same thing!!!!
  9. I have the Nespresso Citiz and I love it! I can't believe how smooth home 'coffee' can taste.

    I make all my Nespresso drinks as "lungo" even if they are espresso pods.

    The milk frother makes amazing frothed foam out of Silk regular soymilk too!

    I want the new machine but it is so pricey and takes up a lot of counter space.

    I highly recommend any nespresso machine!
  10. I have two Nespressos and love them. I make soy mochas using a ristretto capsule, choc. syrup and soy milk. Tastes just as good as SBX's soy mocha. You can't go wrong with one of these machines.:P
  11. Hello!

    For anyone who has these,I would like to purchase one, but I am torn between the Citiz or the new Masestria. I know there is price difference, but I am wondering if the new one is worth the extra money...

    Could anyone weigh in on this or their thoughts on what they would recommend for this product?

  12. I have a citiz and don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I guess it depends on how you like your coffee?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Is that the only machine you have or do you have a regular espresso machine as well?

    I'm torn as to which to get, as the new one has the milk frother ( wand) and different settings I believe..

  14. I have a Nespresso Cube and I use a Keurig milk foamer. It makes consistently perfect, amazing lattes and basically anything else I could ask for. It's around $70-ish and seems to be less problematic/difficult to use than the wand attachements, which I read tend to be weak and flimsy until you ramp up to the really expensive systems.
  15. Is it dumb that I already own a keurig machine and would like a nespresso? Is there essentially a difference between the two to justify both or are they actually different?

    If someone could chime in I'd greatly appreciate it!!