1. Im thinking of purchasing an espresso/coffee maker, Im thinking of getting the Nespresso Lattissima by Delonghi. Anyone have it? Id appreciate your opinions, im looking for something that is easy to use and not complicated. I've tried nespresso coffee before and really liked it.
  2. LOVE Nespresso!!! We received the machine as a wedding present, and thought that the coffee was a tad expensive. However, after tasting some of the enclosed samples, WOW... We basically ordered the "sampler" box of coffee with I think 12 flavors. Each and every one is amazing.

    The coffee is easy to make, you can either get a machine with a frother or buy a frother separately (Ikea? or Crate and Barrel? has one). Mess is minimal.

    Can't say enough good things about this. And the aroma that fills the home... mmmmmm.
  3. We have a Nespresso Romeo. We like it because the coffee is so quick and easy to make with no mess, no clean up. Can't complain about the machine, but have had nothing but unpleasant experiences with the Nespresso Club "customer service." They seriously employ only imbeciles there- I mean just ppl with no customer service training or experience whatsoever. I wish that the reviews ppl read online would talk abou the awful sales dept./customer service. They were either rude, don't know what they are talking about, or plain just don't care. On the other hand, when our machine broke down and we had to contact the repair dept., they were excellent and very efficient.