1. This is about the 5th item I've bought on eBay, 2nd LV item. I've always paid instantly and received my item quickly. This time I paid instantly on 6/19. When I hadn't received by 6/25 I emailed nicely asking when it was shipped and if there was a tracking number. Got a response to my email that it was delivered back to sender that day marked undeliverable as she had written my address wrong, very nice email that she would pay to overnight it the next day. Should have received it yesterday - still nothing. I emailed again last night that it was not delivered - did she indeed ship it overnight and if so what address???? No response - now I'm getting nervous and wishing I had just gone to the boutique and bought the item, but I had such a good experience with the last item I got - gorgeous bag, shipped fast, I thought, what the heck? Any suggestions? Am I just impatient? It definately should be here if she did overnight it - if I just got a response about that I would feel better. What would you all do??? Thanks :confused1:
  2. Since the seller hasn't responded, I'd file a dispute via eBay for not receiving the item. I believe eBay has a time limit. You cannot file the "Item was not received" until certain days after the listing ends. Once you are eligibale to file the dispute, it will ask you PayPal transaction id number. You just copy and paste it into the field.

    You paid her via PayPal, didn't you? If you paid her via PayPal by credit card, you got one extra protection from your cc company.
  3. What does the seller's feedback look like? That's sometimes telling.

    I'd send her one last email and tell her if she doesn't respond, you're going to file a dispute with PP and your CC. If she doesn't respond, then take action immediately.
  4. I wouldn't panic yet. It's only been a couple days since she said she's re-send it and sometimes life gets in the way. I'd drop her a follow up note and give it another day before taking any drastic measures.
  5. Thanks! Yes, I did pay with paypal credit card, I will send another email - I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt - just want to know what is going on!!
  6. Did your seller come from Asia and you're in USA? If so, usually there's much delay by local post office in Asia. I told you coz I'm in Asia. Usually if I shipped on, umm for ex. July, 1 then post office will process it after a few days, for ex. July, 5 or 9 coz in some Asia countries, items need to get for local custom inspection in the case sender ship prohibited items such skin snake, bone etc.

    If it's international package, you should wait for a few days coz service depend on local postal service although seller used EMS. Sometimes, item reach USA within 3-5 days but sometimes it'll take over week. Hope this help