Nervous waiting from winner...

  1. Heya, I just sold my authentic LV denim mini pleaty and I'm real happy someone was able to get, I emailed the person who bought it curtiously to congrat them and confirm the shipping address to where it is to be sent to after payment, etc. I also sent out my invoice and all. Now, this is only my 3rd bag sold off eBay (late I give 5 days for payment to be in my PayPal after close of auction....

    Basically my question is..I have not recieved any confirmation of her address or anything yet of her acknowledging my email, invoice or even that she knows she won maybe!~? I don't know...just, what is the proper etiquette, in that someone should contact you back and be in good communication.

    Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I'm just nervous because there's been no acknowledgement so soon as I have with the others =/
  2. Congrats on selling the bag! When did the auction end?
  3. You have to wait 7 days to file NPB.
  4. If I understand you right you emailed just now after auction ended - don't worry, they will get in touch. Just wait a day or two and then email them again.
    I don't always get back straightaway - also, maybe she used sniping service to win and doesn't even know it yet.
    Congrats for selling
  5. I hope that you don't have a non paying bidder. What is her feedback rating? If it is good then there is probably a valid reason for the delay. try contacting her again. If she has not replied in 7 days file a non paying bidder dispute you will get final value fees back & can relist your item. Good luck!
  6. awww, thank you print. lol - don't laugh, but it ended yesterday, like 5pm. I know it's only 1 day and i know i shouldn't compare everyone to 2 people who got back to me fast and all...i guess i'm just curious when i should start to worry, if i don't hear back from them or get payment..2 days, 3, 4 - the 5th and final day??? That's more my question. I'm just new with eBay and scared of things not going professionally like i always do them and want them lol (i know ith eBay its bound to happen but im praying not haha)
  7. I know how you feel waiting. This is my first time selling on Ebay and I had four auctions end on Monday and two didn't pay immediately. They had no or low feedback too.

    I sent a reminder e-mail to one of them today and still haven't heard anything. To give you some good news the other potential NPB paid today. I woudl give it 3 days and then send a friendly reminder (day 3?) and a last chance reminder on day 5 or 6.
  8. lara0112 - yes, i emailed her right away and invoiced her right away. and yeah i didn't even think of a sniping program..if that is what she did, i hope she reads her emails soon! and thanks fr your compliment! :heart:

    BagAngel - she has 100% feedback. on the feedback is says good communication and super fast payment a lot. yea, if it's past that 7 days ill go to file that and all. i had a few people who wanted it too so maybe after i file that i can second chance offer? it says that on all my listings. if i second chance offered somone, would i have to offer it to them at the price THEY bid or the price it closed at w/ the final winner (which was higher)?

    oh, and thanks for wishing me luck! *hugs*

    If i hear nothing i'll try emailing again tomorrow or Sat. i hope i don't have to though :sad:

    Thanks everyone for your help :yes:
  9. Im glad i'm not the only one...well, im NOT glad it's happening to you either lol. but it's good to know im not overly paranoid and this can and does happen =/ i don't like this! i kow sometimes life and circumstances ahppen and that's totally fine..but eh, just uneasy. maybe cause it's all new too and i'm not all seasoned w/ it.

    good luck, i hope yours turns out well :heart: ...and yea, the reminder emails spaced out is good. i'll do that :yes:
  10. Sometimes emails responded to through ebay via your email program get stuck in their spam folder. I have had this happen a number of times. And both parties are thinking the other is not being very nice. But when you send the unpaid reminder they generally get back to you quickly.

    Good Luck!
  11. Hi, I ever had the similiar problem with my second selling on eBay. Winner has not responded me after passed 9 days while I state clearly, please clear payment within 36 hours. I've sent her 3 times invoices and one payment reminder but still no respond. But after I send her email that I'll file NPB to eBay, strike & - feed. given and block her from my auctions, she responded me and forward payment in the same day.

    So, give your winner a few times to get back you coz she might have some problem or trouble and can't respond back
  12. UPDATE

    She emailed me, yay. there was a mixup sorta. she explained it all & looks like it's gonna be worked out fine. she's really such a sweetheart and i feel a lot better.

    BUT, now from this thread and stuff..i know what to do if godforbid getting someone not honest and sweet one day as far as covering myself, so i'm glad i asked anyways.

    thanks guys for all your info - i :heart: you's.
  13. Sorry about not answering but I just got back to this thread (I'm so BAD at that - LOL!).

    Good for you! I'm so happy you heard from her and I bet everything will work out just fine for you both!