Nervous that I've made a mistake?!!? Please Help!

  1. I posted this in Authenticate This Coach, but I haven't received a response yet....what do Y'ALL think??

    Please help me authenticate this bag...they say it's Authentic, but the pic is from kind of far away.

    Can y'all PLEASE help me with this...I won the bag on eBay, but am still not sure it is authentic. The guy SAID: "I do not have any other pics right now. It was purchased at a Coach in Connecticut. it is Authentic".
    Should I take his word or would it not be worth the risk?
  2. The picture is so dark it's very difficult to judge this. It looks right, at least form wise, but you'd need to see more to really say yes or no. Did they give you the serial number to compare to the DD?
  3. Hi...even though the picture is dark...I'm guessing it has a chance of bein 75% Authentic. They do have a 7 day return policy which is great. Don't worry too much :smile:
  4. Yikes... there isn't really any detailed information - is there?

    The person has good FB, and isn't selling anything else. I checked back through Jan., and they didn't have any FB to indicate that they had purchased it on eBay themselves.

    Since they accept payment through Paypal, you could pay through that and if anything is off about it start a dispute. I know that is a pain, but its better then if they only took a money order, etc....

    Good luck!
  5. I would need more pics to give a definitive answer...:shrugs:
  6. I would not hesitate to ask for more photos, especially a photo of the serial patch. So you can compare with others with the same serial #.
  7. He lists a 7 day return policy, ask him if you can return it if it's not authentic.
  8. You can ask what the creed number is, can't tell that picture is horriable~~
  9. the photo is just too dark
  10. I would demand more pics! Or at least the Serial Number. But seeing as though you already won the auction...I would say pay with paypal and use a CC (not an e-check). Now I am nervous for you.
  11. Thanks so much, ladies! I am nervous, too, but you are right...I will pay w/paypal cc and pray for the best. He isn't very willing to give out much info...I asked for the style number and he didn't give it to me. He just keeps saying "it has the ccs all over it". Maybe he just has no clue about Coach?!?! That's what I am hoping! :nuts: I will ask one more time about the # and if I can get a full refund if it turns out to NOT be authentic. I will keep y'all posted. Wish me luck!!! :sweatdrop:
  12. :sweatdrop: You need to post pics on here the minute you receive that thing...
  13. Oh...I definitely will post pics! He said he'll ship today! I paid w/my PayPal CC, so I've got extra coverage. Plus, I'm not out the CASH yet - in case there IS a problem.
  14. it looks real. looks like ive seen it before but the pic is very dark and small. but i think its real. if it isnt when you get it send it right on back.