Nervous about using LV.

  1. Well as some of you may have noticed I got my Speedy recently and this is my first proper bag by LV.. Basically I'm feeling nervous about taking it out but I'm upset because I want it to by my day to day bag forever !

    I don't live in a dangerous area but I still, muggings occur anywhere plus I walk around alot. *thinks back to SATC where carrie gets mugged :push:*

    So did any of you feel nervous about your first LV bag?
    Do you live in an average area?

    I'm considering putting insurance on it but if it was stolen I'd lose my phone and purse etc so it would still be bad..

    Any past experiences and advice will definetley calm me down :crybaby:
  2. This is the only time when you can be happy there are so many fakes out there. Your average mugger doesn't know the difference, either. I live in NYC and if I were afraid to wear every nice thing I own, I'd be wearing a wardrobe completely from Target or Wal-Mart. You bought it to use, so go out there and enjoy it.
  3. Do not let fear rule your life. That's all I can say.
  4. this is a good post because i think a lot of us take safety for granted. even though LV is rather common in a lot of places, it's still a high profile bag. i've traveled a lot with LV bags and go about town as well with them BUT you have to be street smart and go with your gut instinct.

    my advice is if you don't feel comfortable carrying it, then don't bring it. OR bring a bigger tote bag and put your speedy in it until you get to your destination and then fold up the tote bag inside. esp in areas w/ public transportation and a lot of city have to becareful. i know some people say they don't care and will carry the bag everywhere irregardless but all it takes is one bad thing to happen.

    whenever i'm walking a lot thru the city or on mass transit, i say keep a low profile and put your speedy in a bigger lightweight bag that you can fold up and then bring your bag out when it's in a safer neighborhood. or else you'll be looking over your shoulder all the time and that's no fun.
  5. I have never been nervous to carry mine. My DH always says he fears anyone that even tried to take my LV away. Just make sure you don't plop it down in store carriage or something. Anyone can grab your purse - but I don't feel more vulnerable because it's LV. Enjoy your bag. The more you use it, the more at ease you will become.
  6. Thieves can tell paranoid, fearful people from those who are confident and purposeful. If you are walking around afraid of what *might* happen, you are increasing the possibility that it will happen.

    Also there is nothing, nothing you can do to prevent random crime. Sorry. But it so rarely happens, it's a waste of your time to obsess over it. Just be confident and aware of your surroundings. That is not the same as being paranoid and hiding your handbag in a paper sack.
  7. It depends on the "Hood" and the time of day IMO. You have to be careful with the common prints like monogram and damier. But as long as you keep it to yourself and don't take it out clubbing in risky areas you should be fine: =) I have auto insurance on all my things, so I don't' really have to worry. Were you thinking about insuring it separately?
  8. I completely understand .. I live in a VERY small rural town and NEVER see any LV - once in a great while I see a Dooney or Coach (which is usually fake!! :push:smile:
    so feel a teeny self conscious. I use my Mini Lin every single day (I think it's a less obvious LV) but my monogram LE bag I ONLY carry when my hubby is with me .. I guess it's about using good judement but enjoy. I agree with the one comment about most people seeing fakes so much they probably assume it's fake .. I've seen so many fakes (in this area) that I'm such a skeptic even if the bag does look real.
    I also do carry a plastic bag with me (that is not see through) .. I carry it for rain but I guess you could carry one in case you were in a situation with a bad vibe to tuck it into for safetly??
  9. Possibly, or just adding it to our home insurance...

    btw, I thank ALL of your responses! You're all really helping me.! :flowers:
  10. I wouldn't worry about it! I carry mine everywhere...big cities...small cities...daylight...nighttime! If crime is going to happen to's going to happen! Life is too short to keep a $600 bag in your closet!
  11. I completely agree!!!
  12. I suppose so twiggers.. thanks!

    mvc_sassy how do you go about it? considering we're in the same country we have a related understanding :smile:
  13. i worry about getting my bags dirty but thats it. I've carried them everywhere! I remember last summer i had my fairly new speedy with me to dinner and we desided to go out after that so i had to take my speedy to a club, it wasn't super but i had a great night
  14. When I went to Boston with my dh and purchased my first LV, HE was paranoid about the theft of my bag more than me. He was overwhelmed with the big brown bag they put it in and then we traveled on the Mass Transit back to the parking lot where the car was parked. He acted like my bodyguard! I had a death grip on my bag and no one was going to take it! Now, when we go out it's no big deal.:wlae: Enjoy your bag!!
  15. I wasn't nervous to use my first LV because I live in a relatively safe city and my first LV (CB pochette) wasn't an outright mono bag so...I didn't expect many people to know that my bag was LV anyway!

    I was safe in HK as well, carrying an LV bag and all, but that's also maybe because a lot of women over there carry LV as well.