Nervous about selling bags on eBay...

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Jan 15, 2010
So I have 2 Coach bags that have been for sale on Bonanza for almost a year now and only 1 question has been asked about 1 of the bags. I need to sell them quickly. So I am thinking eBay might be the way to get it done... I am nervous though hearing all of the horror stories! What is a fool proof way to list a bag on eBay, what is some good advice you can give me before setting up a listing? And shipping. Do I do a flat rate box, with signature and add insurance? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Apr 19, 2007
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Here are some previous threads, in addition there are several tips threads. I will pull up some more links and post them here.

Basically, you are no more safe on bonanza than you are on ebay.. You still need to take the proper precautions such as

1) research your buyer and if you get a funny feeling, go with your gut
2) Always ship to the correct address supplied by paypal
3) always ship with insurance and tracking
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