nervous about buying preloved buying on ebay..

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  1. #1 Sep 19, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2012
    :ohhh man sorry about the title trying to do five things at once haha:

    looking to buy my first (preloved ) LV item off ebay but I'm nervous... what if it ends up a fake even if i get it authenticated before hand? is there a way to get my money back?? anyone end receive a fake and how.did
  2. I would suggest that you have it authenticated here on the forum..

    I would pay by credit card..

    If it is indeed fake, you may be asked for a third party to authenticate
    such as Caroldiva in order to open a SNAD...many times ebay will side
    with a buyer with regard to a fake but please be sure your item is indeed fake
  3. If this is your first preloved LV I would suggest buying from a resale shop that sells authentic goods. It might be 50 or 100 more but peace of mind is worth it. There is a thread with lv resellers. Yoogis, Ann's fabulous finds and fashionphile are a few
  4. Totally agreed. You need to be very familiar with LVs like to be able to tell the real thing from fake yourself in order to buy from a private seller. This way, if in the unfortunate event you receive a mirror fake at home (which passes some authentication services because they look near perfect in pictures), then you would know and can do something about it like file an ebay or Paypal dispute/claim and get your money back.

    A genuine LV always feels and smells a certain way that a mirror replica can't emulate, at least not yet...

    Good luck to you!! Hope you find the perfect preloved LV bag to enjoy.

    PS love your id pic. What a cutie!!
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  6. ^agree +1
  7. i've been looking at all those sites but i can't find what i'm looking for on there....i guess i should be more patient ;)
  8. Things turn up almost daily from consignors such as Ann's..

    You just have to keep checking back & be patient...
  9. Maybe contact them and let them know what your looking for :smile: sometimes they might have one not listed yet
  10. Am just as scared with online purchases but the savings is just so much it is so tempting!!! I too want an LV, and have been so tempted to buy one off ebay, but I think for a first LV.... I might save for it and buy it new :hbeat: Good luck on finding what you are looking for.
  11. You should be nervous buying pre-loved designer bags on eBay because there are so many fakes.

    Here are some things to do if it happens to you;

    1. Contact the seller to tell them it is a fake. Sometimes they are unaware that they sold a fake bag. Sometimes they will give you a refund right away. (Yes, this has happpened to me several times!!)
    2. Get it authenticated by tPF/caroldiva, etc. to bolster your claim w/eBay and/or PayPal.
    3. Save all your email communications with the seller.
    4. Contact your CC company
    5. Be patient while the process works out. (It took 9 months to get a full refund from an international seller!)
    6. Decide if the prices on eBay are worth it or stick with a known reseller..

    I have gotten some amazing pre-loved bags through eBay at some jaw dropping prices and dealt with some difficult eBay sellers who got nasty/sent harrassing emails when I told them they sold a fake decide if it is worth it...
  12. Agree Totally! I am worried about big ticket purchases on ebay as well. I follow by a few rules:

    1) Does the seller has many many positve feedback? ( even 1 negative would ring my bell)
    2) Have it auth here. Be safe than to be sorry!
    3) Patience. If it meant to be mine, it will be! Dont be caught up by the bidding!
    4) If the price is too good, stay away!
    5) If you are buying monogram, check the condition very very carefully. There are many sellers (esp those from japan) who have auth LVs at very good price but the price match the condition.

    Good Luck!

    Ps: I have many good buys from ebay as well. From RM to BV. It just takes more time. ;)
  13. I mostly buy preloved.
    I like the look and feel of a preloved bag.
    For the $7, Carol Diva is worth it.
    There is also an authentication thread on this forum (for frree!!!), Lee and Addy are great.
    Make sure that you have the seller post ALL of the required images to save time.
    Spend time in the Ebay guides. There are some very thorough guides to help a newbie unfamiliar with the brand.
    I spent alot of time at LV, looking at bags, touching and smelling them before I made my 1st purchase.
    If you do end up with a fake (happened to me despite it all), File a case. Ebay will side with you if you provide documentation of lack of authenticity.
    Best of luck!
    It is much better to do the research and authenticate before you pay, but that isn't always easy-or quick.
  14. Another cardinal rule for shopping on ebay for pre-loved designer bags: If it's too good to be true then it usually is.

    For example, a new to mint condition newer styled bag (less than let's say 2 or 3 years old from the date of production) for less than 1/2 to 1/3 of the retail price is most likely a used fake bag. Of the handful of times I ended up receiving a counterfeit bag from an ebay seller (mirror fake or 1:1, AAA+ fake), the price is always a few hundred dollars below market.

    Of course there are always exeptions to the rule. You may just luck out and get that perfect piece at a fabulous price.

    These days, it's possible due to the recession and bad economy. More and more people are willing to part with their real, gently used newer designer accessories at a huge loss if they lost their job or need money fast for whatever reason. So for these folks, selling on ebay is still better than pawning since you can get more money for the item usually.

    IMHO, it's a buyers market for used designer goods now more than ever. ebay sellers need money fast and buyers, who have money to burn on used designer items, can get pieces at great prices. It's mutually beneficial for all involved I suppose. Just my 2 cents. Good day!