Nerves! :(

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  1. SO.

    I have to give a performance for one of my classes tomorrow. We have to take a short fiction piece, and interpret it in a different way, and then perform it as a solo scene. Since I'm an overacheiver ( at times) I decided to challange myself by having to portray a character that exudes danger and self-confidence ( the total opposite of my bubbly self). It's 1 am, and I have class at 11 am tomorrow! I can't sleep because I keep going over the lines in my head and I'm sooo worried about how it will look to my classmates and professor. I'm scared that my performance will be WAY too over the top in comparison to everyone elses. I'm normally the least shy, hardest to embarass girl in the world- but there's something very vulnerable about this situation... Does anyone have any last minute advice and tips?

    :smile: or how about similar experiences to share?. I'm sure some of you ladies ( and gentlemen) can relate!

    I just need a little peace of mind before bed, lol.:shame:
  2. Goodluck! Let us know how it goes...
  3. I'm not an actress, but had to act as part of a group project in 11th grade. I was so nervous about it, but knew the material and did really well. Since you know acting, I'm sure you'll do fine. You stress it, but you've probably got the lines memeorized.
  4. Don't have any advice - I just wanted to wish you good luck!
    But don't worry too much about it...I think you'll do great!!!
  5. awww:heart: thanks guys!

    I think I'm over-stressing it. It's just that I'm afraid of no one getting it and looking stupid! ohhh wellllll, I'm going to just have fun and enjoy it- as long as I get into it I'll get another good grade in the class!
  6. oh man, I was sooooooo nervous when I took my first speech class. I was shaking when I got up there.
    now I have absolutely no problem being in front of a class. Who cares if you look stupid? if you completely over-act it at least you can laugh about it afterwards. don't take college too seriously...people only remember the funny parts of it anyway.
  7. Yes, you should be proud that you picked something that would challenge you, and not something that you know you could get an "easy A" for...

  8. This worked for me when I was an Actress In CA.

    Dont look at anyones faces, while saying your lines Look
    straight ahead and get into character as soon as possible, you know your lines , Believe in your part, your object is to bring it to life and to convince your audience.
    Try not to be so nervous ( I know this can be easier said than done )
    You picked this scene to challenge yourself, you can do it

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  9. good tips! I'm going to have a dark room with a spotlight on me, so thank goodness I can't see the audience! :smile: So, I don't have to worry about breaking the fourth wall.

    I really appreciate the kind words ladies, I'll let you all know how it went tomorrow! :smile:
  10. I get nervous, too, even though for years and years I sang and danced in front of large audiences. Good luck Dani, I'm with you... I have to give a Shakespeare speech I'm dreading.
  11. yay! it went SO well and everyone loved it. I'm SO relieved!!
  12. Good Job !!! I was thinking about you this morning Im so happy for you ,I knew you could do it !

    Let me know if you need help again with this subject I was a paid actress for years.
  13. thanks! :smile:

    Did you enjoy being an actress?
  14. Yes It was one of my lifes biggest accomplishments.Its an experience I will never forget.:love:
  15. aww, that's awesome. It really sounds like you find a way to do what you love. :smile:

    I hope I have that amount of drive when I graduate.:biggrin: