Nerve Damage after ps in Korea

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  1. Hello,
    I had multiple surgeries in DA almost 2 years ago. My concern is that after paranasal augmentation my left side is completely numb and I can feel the implant inside. I visited DA last summer and they said that 1 year is not enough to tell if the nerves are damaged. Well, its been 2 years and there is no improvement. Are there any forumers who experienced nerve damage after plastic surgery in Korea? What can be done to fix this problem and is there is any chance for nerves to be recovered?I can't just ignore, this is extremely uncomfortable. Any advice would be appreciated!
    Thank you
  2. I had sensory nerve damage from a nasty chin implant badly placed by a crappy thai hospital years ago. Had it removed and replaced with hydroxyappatite. No issues at all. The moment I removed it my sensations came back. So dont worry too much about it and go ahead and remove it
  3. Thank you K couture for an advice! I started this post and then I actually forgot that the numbness area is not only around nasal area but it includes half of my left side which are lower eye area, area near nose, left side of the lip. Nasal implants cant be a cause of the numbness near eye area and I did paranasal augmentation along with revision zygoma and genioplasty. So I am afraid it might be nerve damage from facial contouring,not the implants. What can I do in this case?
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  4. Did you ask the clinic about this? Did they answer?
  5. So just remembered one thing. When I had some hydroxy removed from the mid cheek, i asked Dr Mendelson the chance for nerve damage. He said with his skill level he estimates:

    1) Sensory nerve dmg temporary - 5%
    2) Sensory nerve dmg permanent - 1%
    3) Motor nerve dmg temporary - less than 1%
    4) Motor nerve dmg permanent - even lower than temporary motor nerve dmg.
    Apparently the motor nerves are alot more visible and easier to detect than the sensory nerves are. But thats the risks involved when dealing with the zygoma when you have a surgeon of his level. Even with those odds I remember waking up after the surgery and be like.....I CAN FEEL MY FACE...MY FACE MOVES!
  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I also had jaw reduction surgery a few years ago in other clinic in Korea. And sometimes I feel a bit different when I press my face, but I don't seriously care. And it is getting better now, so like K Couture's opinion, I agree with her to wait and see.
  7. I wanted to ask as well what type of impant did you have? Silicone or autologous bone? Did Dr. Lee perform it for you? How does the clinic handle your situation?
  8. I don't think she should wait longer. It had been 2 years and I think it's long enough. Best is to go back to DA for a checkup and see what Dr Lee says. Perhaps can also see another doctor for secondary opinion when you're in Korea. Hope everything works well and stay positive. :smile:
  9. I never said she should wait. I said go ahead and remove the paranasal. Cos i got my sensations back when i removed my dodgey chin implant years ago
  10. oh okay, sorry I misunderstood! Hopefully, sayau01 recover soon.
  11. Does it still get better after 2-3 years? It's been a year for me and I still have some stiffness and numbness in my chin area after jaw reduction, so I was worried that it was permanent!
  12. Hello mblem,
    So a quick update on my situation. I went to Korea on November and removed the paranasal implants. Dr Lee told to expect a nerve repair in 6 months. It has been 6 months and I don't feel any improvement not even 3%. The improvement I most expected is gum numbness and lip numbness as it drives me crazy because of this pulling sensation inside the mouth and awkward feeling when speaking or eating. I really don't want to admit it but now I am sure that nerve damage was done by Dr Lee when he performed either revision zygoma or genioplasty. Nerve Damage is the worst feeling ever, and this is sad that people still go to DA ps and someone could experience the same as I do. People say it is impossible to repair nerves but I can't accept it. I don't want to live like this, I changed as a person becoming depressed and anxious. Still hoping there are chances to reverse this.
  13. wow you are back there?
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  14. Wait do you mean you got more nerve damage or the existing ones just got worse? I'm sorry for what happened =/
  15. I didn't get more nerve damage, if you read my first post I did ps in 2014 in DA PS. I thought that the nerve damage was due paranasal implant pressing and blocking the nerve and thats why I had gum, lip, upper lip, under eye and overall half of the left face numbness. I removed the paranasal implants hoping that my nerves will repair and the sensation will come back. But it didn't happen, so I came to a conclusion that nerve damage happened when he did Facial bone surgeries. Nothing got worse, just nothing changed thats all