Nero Nappa Vernice Degrade Crossbody Bag

  1. Love it! Great bag when you need your arms free!
  2. Thanks, LoveHermes99 & LT! :blush:

    Grandmommie - thanks! Your collection of the degrade is inspiring! :cloud9:
  3. Congratulations MFB! This is what I love about BV - they are both beautiful and practical. Crossbody has to be the most functional bag, and is a must have. How long is the strap?
  4. Drop dead gorgeous....and very practical too!

    Wear her in good health. :biggrin:
  5. Sorry for the double post! Don't know what happened as I just hit "post reply" once. :weird:
  6. Thanks - leilani01!

    Jburgh - thanks! Here are the dimensions from the website before the bag disappeared:

    8.7" x 11" x 1.2"
    Drop 24.8"

    The drop seems a bit less, but that's what I got when I measured it, too!

    I'm short - around 5'3" and it hangs perfectly. I was worried with a strap that wasn't adjustable that it would be too long, but it's the length I'd have choosen if I designed it myself. :girlsigh:
  7. beautiful bag. i have been really using cross body bags a lot. i think i use them a lot in the winter but now really love the comfort and ease. congratulations and enjoy.
  8. Thank you, Annie9999!
  9. Congrats FancyBags! I fell in love with that bag, I'm also your bag cousin (I bought the lagoon).
  10. Ooh - congrats to you, too! Do you have any pictures of your stunning lagoon degrade??:love:
  11. Miss FB, found some pictures of the lagoon degrade crossbody that were emailed to me by my SA last December...hope this helps...and hope this works! :smile:
    Lagoon degrade crossbody 3.jpg lagooncrossbody4.jpg
  12. Cabochon - thank you for the pictures - WOW! Lagoon looks amazing in this style :sunshine: Really tempting...
  13. Lovely bag!
  14. What a good size for a crossbody. Congrats! :woohoo:
  15. Thank you, apey_grapey and elliesaurus!

    I had a blast wearing her today :rockettes: