Nero Mineral Cabat reveal

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  1. Took the plunge... Introducing new to me large Nero/mineral cabat.

    It is so much more than I'd hoped for. Words and pics cannot describe how beautiful this bag is IRL. The leather is so soft and it doesn't look like it's been used at all (what a shame!).

    I was really nervous about getting a large, but am glad I did. I can see use in my life for a large and medium. And if I'm patient and find preloved beauties like this, I can have both in my collection.

    Big shout out to the ladies who authenticated this for me.

    Thanks for letting me share. IMG_1472934781.106483.jpg IMG_1472934791.689963.jpg IMG_1472934811.057471.jpg
  2. Wow what a gorgeous bag. It absolutely looks new. Enjoy your beauty.
  3. Absolutely worth waiting for!
  4. Ah, so that's the one you picked!
    Lovely. I agree, patience is a virtue - especially as it relates to BV :yes:
    Congrats. :flowers:
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  5. I love the details on this cabat. The proportions look perfect on you too. Wonderful score!
  6. Wow wow wow wow! What a gorgeous piece! Congratulations!
  7. This one's a beauty. A bag worth waiting for.
  8. Strong work!
  9. It's the Peed in the Pool Cabat! If I ever find one in a Mini I might not be able to stop myself, even if I have no earthly need for it. It is absolutely gorgeous in the Large and congratulations!!
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  10. :biggrin:
  11. Congrats. What a nice score on a Pied de Poule cabat. It works so well in the large. Enjoy!
  12. I looks great on you. I hope you really enjoy it.
  13. Lol! I will not forget the name now. Love this.
  14. Thanks everyone! Can't wait to take her to church tomorrow. Working in children's ministry so will use her to lug my games, etc.
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  15. What a terrific find! I've never considered a large Cabat for myself, but it looks great on you! I guess it isn't too heavy for you, either. The Pied de Poule would do well in almost every situation, too. Enjoy!