Nero medium veneta

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  1. Hi! This is my reveal!



  2. Hi! I'm so excited to share with you my 'darling' nero medium venta.
    I brought her to work today (I'm a paediatrician, which explains the toys in the background!)
  3. Very pretty! I love the fringes!
  4. Wow! Is it the Fuzzy? :nuts: Terrific choice! Enjoy!

    (the stethoscope and eye chart gave it away, too!)
  5. Thanks! I love the edges! It gives it a querky look!!
  6. Pree congrats! It is gorgeous and i love the edges. I will post comparison pics for you this wkend. Enjoy your beauty!
  7. I noticed the fuzzy edges too. I think it gives a classic BV a cool edge. Strong work!
  8. Different look of veneta. Gorgeous too :smile:
  9. Conratulations on your nice new Veneta!
  10. Thanks for all your lovely feedback!
    She really is a beauty! I can't believe how wonderful the leather feels.
    The veneta is such a minimalistic looking bag - very elegant and yet can be worn casually. I plan to wear her for every work and casually with my jeans etc.
  11. My favorite thing which I think you will love as well, is the lightness of the bag. I make it a point to wear this bag when I take long excursions with my kids so my back doesn't break and I forget I was wearing it by the end of the day. Awesome bag!!
  12. Congratulations! And the fragrance of a BV is pretty nice, too. I do like the fringes on the edge...a lot.
  13. Love it!!
  14. The veneta is my favorite bag. I love the fringe detail and it's a great color. I know you will love it! Enjoy.
  15. Your bag is on pg. 34 of the new book :heart: