Nero Baseball with Fancy Fettucce!

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  1. It’s here, and it’s pretty! The Lucido (?) fettucce is subtle, and probably won’t be noticeable from afar, but is so so pretty up close!

    I’m at work and don’t want to whip it out of the box so here’s a little teaser until I get better photos later!

    @V0N1B2 I’d love to see a better shot of your Brick!

    If anyone out there has a Baseball with different material/color fettucce, I’d love to see it! I only know of the 2 Pekary Baseballs, and the Electrique with Karung.

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  2. Does anyone know if they made any other styles with this iridescent fettucce besides the baseball and the brick? If I saw a loop with it I would give ALL of my money for it.
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  3. Brick Bag in Nero, and I think a Blue (Empire?) Cervo Loop-y type bag. @ksuromax has the same style in China
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  4. the square hobo??
  5. I guess so. But probably a false alarm. I remembered seeing a photo of three bags together with the blue (Empire?) hobo in the middle and thought they all had the Lucido trim. Took me for-frigging-ever to find that stupid picture, but now that I see it again, it didn't have the same trim. And, of course now that I look more closely, I'm not sure the Cervo Hobo or Brick have it either. Ugh.
    erase erase, nevermind and all that....
    Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 12.08.09 PM.png
  6. yes, i still do have the square hobo (mid one) in China Blue
    a bit too big/too dark for current season/weather, but it's safe at home :yes:
    re dif accent, they do look on this photo like that, especially both black ones, at the first glance i thought they were having karung strip. Probably, wrong lighting? confusing and deceiving? :confused1:
  7. It’s a beautiful bag. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. Gorgeous bag! Mod shot? Congratulations!
  9. That is gorgeous!!! Congratulations! Can't wait for more photos.
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