Nerdphanie's treasures

  1. I'm finally posting my bags! I don't have all of them with me at school, so I will post again after this weekend when I go home and switch with my mom. My Trish and Edith are waiting for me there. Anyway, here are my current bags.

    1. Chloe Paddington in Khaki from fall '05 (thanks to you guys in the chloe forum for helping me figure this out!)
    2. Goldenbleu Katherine in I believe espresso, my beloved school bag
    3. Goldenbleu Jordan in banana gold
    4. Goldenbleu Grace clutch in moss
    5. Prada purse. I don't know the style or year or anything. This was the first high-end designer bag I bought. I got it on sale for $400 and thought it was terribly expensive :rolleyes:
    6. Aaneta Maxima bag in a tan color
    7. LV Multicolore Wapity. This was a gift from a friend, and is my only piece of LV.
    DSC00134.JPG DSC00138.jpg DSC00142.jpg DSC00144.JPG
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Nice paddy, thanks for sharing.
  4. Oh whoa I didn't realize my thread had gone up. I would've uploaded more pics!
    DSC00146.jpg DSC00147.jpg DSC00157.JPG DSC00159.JPG
  5. Here are 5, 6, and 7.
    DSC00149.JPG DSC00152.JPG DSC00154.JPG DSC00156.JPG DSC00161.JPG
  6. nice collection!
  7. Oh boy, so now I'm home. I share everything with my mom and I just spent forever taking pictures of all our bags. Here's the family photo. My Goldenbleu clutch and Prada purple suede purse are at school, still, and my wapity is just...I forgot to put it in.
  8. I'll post two at a time now with modeling shots. No particular order.
    Marni bag and Goldenbleu bag (don't know style names). I got the first one at the Ron Herman sale for 65% off and the second one at Billion Dollar Babes. The Goldenbleu bag is convertible.
    DSC00241.JPG DSC00247.JPG DSC00289.JPG DSC00290.JPG DSC00293.JPG
  9. These are my Mulberry bags. I got the Roxanne last winter for 50% off and the tooled Bayswater at Nordstrom anniversary sale for 30% off. I carried the Bayswater all summer.
    DSC00252.JPG DSC00255.JPG DSC00256.JPG DSC00260.JPG
  10. Fendis. Don't know the style names. My mom's had them since before I was really into purses. I remember I did love the pink one even back then, though.
    DSC00249.jpg DSC00318.JPG DSC00251.JPG DSC00259.JPG
  11. Pradas. The red one's pretty old, the tan one is from last year I think, maybe the year before. And why yes I AM a grown woman playing dressup. It doesn't get old, does it? :rolleyes:
    DSC00306.JPG DSC00307.JPG DSC00273.JPG DSC00275.JPG
  12. Guccis. A family friend gave me the small one as a gift when I did well on my SATs. I wasn't too interested in it then though. The big one was my mom's. I used it as my school bag last year. I love it so much. My first huge bag.
    DSC00308.JPG DSC00311.JPG DSC00294.JPG DSC00296.JPG
  13. I bought both of these at Billion Dollar Babes in June. Anya Hindmarch Mackeson and Aaneta Olga bag.
    DSC00264.JPG DSC00271.JPG DSC00261.JPG DSC00263.JPG
  14. Moschino Cheap and Chic and Tod's. Both bought for me by mother. I don't wear them too much anymore - Tod's was the first purse I carried religiously and I eventually wore out the zipper and tore up the lining somehow. The Moschino shoulder strap slides!
    DSC00280.JPG DSC00284.JPG DSC00286.JPG DSC00288.JPG
  15. A couple evening bags, for me at least. Lauren Merkin Eve clutch ( might be Louise actually) in champagne. Mother's Day gift to mom. No ulterior motives there...:angel: . Kale bag, don't know style name. From Billion Dollar Babes. Haven't worn this one yet, sigh.
    DSC00312.JPG DSC00315.JPG DSC00316.JPG DSC00317.JPG