Nerd Lacquer Chat, Pictures, Swatches, and well...... normal TPF stuff.

  1. Thank you so much!!! :'D I did indeed!!
  2. Thank you so much!!! Doctor Who is awesome (David Tennant is my fave!! : D)
  3. These are AMAZING!!! Love!

    I want DB, as a Who fan!
  4. I finally put on I Think You Call Me...Sexy today and I love it! Why did I wait so long? My version is definitely more purple than blue which makes me happy.
  5. I really wish Amanda would resume making polishes, her brand is awesome. There is nothing else out there like them!
  6. YAY more Who love!! : D Thank you so much!!! :'D
  7. I thought I was going to be able to get Resolutionary through a swap on FB, but I'm beginning to think that is not going to happen. :sad: I wish Amanda would come back and restart NL.
  8. Agreed! :hugs:
  9. I agree! These were my first experience with indie polishes - and probably my favorite ones I have so far.
  10. After seeing that Exterminate swatch...I think I want to say "THAT is my most favorite Nerd ever!" Really they are all so damn amazing. I still have a few sitting in my untrieds:

    Event Horizon
    It's just a Flesh Wound
    I aim to Misbehave
    Antisocial Media
    Quantum Bluniverse
    Data Squirrel
    Warrior Ethos

    Ok, I didn't think it was that many.
  11. Oh, I also have No Medal For was hiding in the back. :greengrin:
  12. Loooove David Tennant!

    I am so in need of Event Horizon...sigh...
    Can't believe you forgot you had a nerd!
  13. Jellis! I want swatch pictures ;)
  14. This is absolutely frickin' gorgeous on you M. Love, love love it!! Want it super bad. It was one of the ones paid for but never received.
    And your nails look great!!:biggrin:
  15. :love::tender::girlsigh:

    This is the greatest use of Don't Blink. EVER.