Nerd Lacquer Chat, Pictures, Swatches, and well...... normal TPF stuff.

  1. My order just came in today! I get it tomorrow! I am so excited! I will post pics for sure, but anyone else have pics, swatches or experiences with the brand? Or wishlists?
  2. Normal tPF stuff?

    Define "normal".
  3. Nakedness, tube socks, the usual!
  4. LUCKY!!

    This is another brand.. I need to get some polishes for....

    Definitely give us all a few swatches.. of all of em.

    I remember seeing the colors you chose.. when you ordered em. Can't wait to see em.
  5. ^neither can i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The Nerd Lacquer are as nice as Lynderella!!

    I really need to get some.
  7. Okay.. this is super mean but...


    Your tiny boxes are sitting right beside me all in a row. They are seriously super cute. OH and she threw in this like light up ring thinger? But it's nerdlacquer brand?? Anyways, I'm going to bring it to you tomorrow. :p I think you'll appreciate it like you appreciate the nerdbots!
  8. And these are the four I ordered!


    These bottles would totally drive you girls batty. Good thing I'm so in awe of what is in the bottles to care about their shape! :biggrin:
  9. MY BOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the windchill is -30 right now. i should not take a bus over to your place right now. I should not. i should not! in all seriousness, does the 18 corydon go buy you? if so its just one bus!
  10. im now soooooooooooooooooo happy i got the mini bottles. i could not deal with the different ones. Though now I know if I order big bottles to ask her to make sure they are the same! im sure she would do it!

    And if those who have not ordered yet stress about those things, just talk to her first! im sure shed deal with it!
  11. LMAO. The 18 doesn't go by me. :sad: Jay is working beside me and I told him if he was any time at all tonight to take a break we are heading STRAIGHT to your place. But he is being a butt and saying his working is "crazy" right now. Poo on that! I swear though as soon as I can tomorrow I will be on your door step!
  12. im such a brat! I have so many polishes for you, yet I want MINE!!!! I dont have a job right now, i have little in my life. this polish is killing me.
  13. And just think... after that our Lynnderella order has to come in AND our black friday cult nails order.... we were REALLY bad recently! (ps did you finish watching the harry potter's?)
  14. nope. today or this weekend!

    i just went to the transit website. 93 minutes and 3 busses to get to your place. scratch that sh*t.

    just think, up unitl a 6 months ago we lived in walking distance to each other and never knew each other! then we move in opposite directions!!!
  15. We totally failed. It's ridiculous how close we were.... I could have walked these little boxes of goodness over to you by now!!!!