Neosporin on suede!?!?! You've got to be kidding me

  1. Saturday I picked up the Chelsea zip satchel and the wristlet to match. They are in that amazing caramel color that is to die for! Problem is, I got neosporin on my bag! I have no idea how to get it out. I've heard white vinegar suggested but I'm afraid to try it. Has anyone else had an issue with getting something oily on this precious leather that can help?
  2. try a suede brush and rub vigorously
  3. Eek. I have no clue as that's never happened to me but good luck!
  4. I've never had to care for any of my bags, thankfully I haven't gotten anything on them. *knocks on wood*

    I've heard some people have had very good experiences with
  5. Thanks for the comments! I took it in to Wilson's Leather today and they were extremelyyyy helpful. They gave me a little eraser type thing that got it right out. I also picked up a suede brush, ya know, in case I'm an idiot again. Ha.
  6. least you got it out. Good thing!!!