NeoNoe owners- please let me know

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  1. Hi! Almost ready to pull the plug on a DE cherry berry NeoNoe...the only concern I have is that the cross body strap is not super comfortable on my neck/shoulder where the two straps meet. Do most people wear as a shoulder bag? Or any suggestions how to make cross body more comfortable? Thanks for you advice and insight!
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  2. I have not found a way to make the crossbody more comfortable. I’m therefore stuck using it as a shoulder bag. I’ve also purchased a top handle from Mautto so I can hold it that way as well. The design of the strap when converting it to crossbody was in theory a cool idea, but not all that smart when you’ve got buttons digging into your neck/shoulder.
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  3. I’ve never worn mine as a crossbody but it’s very comfortable for me as a shoulder bag. Perfect length and very light, probably my most comfortable bag. Mine came with the braided handle and I’ve found the handle to be very convenient as well.
  4. The best solution is probably to get a different strap to wear it crossbody.
  5. The NeoNoe is one of my most-used LV bags, because it's the perfect shoulder bag! I don't really find the strap uncomfortable as a crossbody, but the NeoNoe itself is a little large for me to use it as a crossbody bag. But I wouldn't let that deter you; it's a fabulous bag, and super practical as well as good-looking. :smile:
  6. I purchased a monogram strap for my monogram noir it’s very comfortable but I mostly wear it as shoulder bag and it sits on my hip x
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