Neonoe or Prada Re-edition 2005? Help!

Neonoe or Prada Re-edition?

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Jul 5, 2020
I am wanting to purchase my first designer bag, and I am stuck between the Neonoe and Prada Re-edition 2005.

I love the Neonoe, as I love the black leather with the monogram canvas. It’s a very beautiful, carefree bag. However, there are some cons holding me back from purchasing it, which are:
- there is no zipper. I live in a city where it rains majority of the year, so I don’t want all my contents inside getting wet/ruined.
- fits awkward crossbody. i am only 5’2, so it hits too low on my body.
- it doesn’t sit flat against my body. when walking around in crowded areas or using public transit, I am scared of people hitting/scratching my bag.

Whereas, I love the Prada Re-edition 2005, because it’s a care free, waterproof nylon bag. It can be worn crossbody, and it has a zipper. There are also many different ways to wear and style the bag. However, it seems to be more of a “trendy” bag with the huge crossbody strap. I also do not like how Prada bags quickly drop their value, in case I do want to sell my bag in the future. Overall, I just want to be able to wear my bag for years, so I am not sure if this style will fade out in the upcoming years.

Would you recommend the Neonoe or Prada Re-edition 2005? Did anyone else have the same concerns with their Neonoe, but ended up being totally in love with the bag? Please let me know of your experience! I am also open to suggestions for other bags, as I prefer carefree crossbody bags. Thanks!

(Note: While I do like the Speedy B25, I do not like how common it is, which is turning me off from getting it)
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Jul 24, 2016
Why not Neonoe bb in epi? The Neonoe would seem kinda big for small frame. I’m a 5’7” guy and I couldn’t stand how far the Neonoe sticks out when carry crossbody. I absolutely love the bag but sold it ultimately. I would’ve picked the Neonoe bb for myself if I had the choice. Not a fan of Prada. Not gonna lie but Prada is so 2005 and we should just leave it there. This design is clearly a copy cat version of the LV multipochette. I would go for the multipochette accessoires if you would like a bag that has multiple pouches.


Jun 8, 2015
I am also considering the noenoe with black string! Agree that the strap would be long for a petite. And the squarey bottom will look bulky when wear as cross body. Re the length you can play around with generic straps. I would expect to wear the noenoe as a shoulder bag.


Jan 29, 2018
Definitely the noe. It’s such a cute bucket bag. Prada isn’t very popular these days so it would be hard to resell if you need to.
Jun 1, 2014
100% the NéoNoé. I live in Ireland where it is PERMANENTLY raining and I don’t have any problem with the contents of my bag getting wet. I also think it is a much more versatile bag than the Prada. If you’re concerned about the size, You might consider the BB sizes?


Feb 26, 2013
Southern CA
Neo Noe. I have the Epi version and love it, but if you are concerned about cross body wear (I have no issues with it) then go for the BB. Don't care for the Prada at all. Looks outdated.
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Mar 15, 2020
I was all set on buying the neonoe but had the same hesitations as you, especially not having a zipper. Then I saw the new Odeon and was drawn to it. It‘s a crossbody that sits very nicely and can also be used as a shoulder bag. And since you like black and mono, they have that combo. It comes in two sizes. Take a look and you might just consider that bag instead. The Odeon clubhouse has some nice pics and mod shots.


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Mar 31, 2013
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The Neo Noe looks more classic than the Prada Re-edition, at least to me.
While the rainwater might not easily get into the Neo Noe, you might have to keep the opening closed with your fingers when it rains, and if you are a klutz like me, you might drop a pen or car keys, unless everything small is packed in separate pouches.

If there are too much worries for either bag, perhaps go slow and check out other bags from the same fashion houses? Since it is your 1st designer bag, you may want to invest on something that gives you less worry while you get the most out of it. I agree with you that the Speedy is saturated (at least where I am based at), so if you would consider selling this 1st bag, why not an Alma bb that has a zipper (and comes in varying material and colours) or Pochette Metis? For all your know, you might just love the bag so much to the extend of keeping it in your collection forever.


Aug 15, 2009
I would get the Prada, and also get a vintage Petite Noe in black Epi (can find on FASHIONPHILE for about $500 in VG condition). Then you could use either the Noe strap or the Prada strap on the Noe if you wanted to wear crossbody. Best of both worlds!